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Facebook to Start Charging Users Monthly Fee: Hoax
Story: Facebook will start charging a monthly fee. Other Versions 1. Facebook to begin Charging Users $2.99/mo starting November 1st. 2. Facebook just released their price grid for membership. $9.99 per month for gold member services, $6.99 per month for silver member services, $3.99 per month for bronze member services, free if you copy and paste this message before midnight tonight. When you sign on tomorrow morning you will be prompted for payment. it is official it was even on the news. Facebook...
American Henry Fischel, the First Person to Invent Exams: Facts
Story:  Henry Fischel was the first person who invented the "EXAMS". Please forward to all students.. He has spoilt the fun of our life. Other Versions This is Henry Mishel - the first American person who invented the "EXAMS".
Female Gorilla Saved a 3 Yr Old Boy who Fell into Zoo Enclosure: Facts
Story: A female Gorilla once rescued a 3 year old boy who fell into Zoo enclosure.
Woman with World’s Largest Hands, Weighing a Stone and a Half Each: Facts
Story:  This woman has the world’s largest hands and they weigh a stone and a half each.
Baba Ramdev Drinking Alcohol - Facts Analysis
Story: Ramdev Baba drinking alcohol. A photo of alcoholic Baba Ramdev drinking wine.  Other Versions  Unbelievable Pic of Baba Ramdevi Ji!!! MUST SEE  I am not sure if this is true or not..but this is seriously Unbelievable pic!!!  
ISIS has Brand New Toyota Trucks, Courtesy of the White House: Facts
Story:  ISIS has brand new Toyota Trucks…courtesy of the White House. Other Versions Obama sends ISIS 43 brand new Toyota Hilux trucks – Donated by US Taxpayers.
Undercover Colors: A Nail Polish that can Detect Presence of Drugs Linked to Date Rape - Facts
Story:  Students develop nail polish that detects the presence of date rape drugs. Other Versions Undercover Colors invent nail polish which can detect presence of date rape drugs.
Dead Sea Mud Mask Revitalizes Your Skin: Facts
Story:  Dead Sea mud mask improves blood circulation and helps revitalizing your skin.
Starbucks Refused Free Coffee to U.S. Marines in Iraq, Saying They Don't Support War: Facts
Story:  Starbucks refused free coffee to U.S. Marines serving in Iraq, saying the company does not support the War and anyone in it.
5 Million Gmail Passwords Leaked Online by Hackers: Facts
Story:  Change your passwords: 5 Million Gmail accounts and passwords are leaked online by hackers!
560 results - showing 1 - 10 « 1 2 3 4 5 ... 56 »

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