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Girl Beaten Badly and Burnt Alive in India for Inter-Religious Marriage: Video - Hoax
Story: Shocking Video: Girl Beaten Badly and Burnt Alive in India for Inter-Religious Marriage Other Versions 1. Andhra pradesh ki ek Hindu marwadi Ladki jiski Muslim ladke se shadi hui thi.aaj kuch Muslim logo ne milke buri tarh mara fir jinda jala diya burkha na pehan ne ki liye dekhye dil dahlane wala video 2. आंध्रप्रदेश Andhra pradesh की एक हिंदू मारवाड़ी लड़की जिसकी शादी एक मुस्लिम लड़के के साथ शादी हुई थी ।आज कुछ मुस्लिम लोगों नें मिलकर बुरीतरह मारा फिर जिंदा...
Scientists Find an Australian Berry to Cure Cancer in 48 Hours: Facts
Story:  Scientists Find Australian Berry to Cure Cancer in 48 Hours Other Versions 1. Scientists Find THIS Berry Cures Cancer in ONLY 48 Hours 2. Cure for Cancer Found in Australian Berry in North Queensland Rainforest
20,000 Crore Worth New 2000 Rupee Notes Recovered from a BJP MLA: Hoax
Story:  Rs 20,000 Crore worth New 2000 Rupee Notes Recovered from BJP MLA Sudhir Gadgil’s Bolero Car Other Versions (Hindi) बीजेपी विधायक सुधीर गडगिल की बोलेरो कार से बरामद 20 हजार करोड़ के नए नोटों के बंडल ये साफ दर्शाते हैं कि इनको नोटबंदी के पहले रुपए भेज दिए गए थे
BSNL 4G ExPress SIM Launched: Free SIM, Unlimited Data and Voice Calls - Scam
Story:  BSNL 4G ExPress SIM Launched With every 4G ExPress SIM you get unlimited data and calls for 1 year, with additional freebies.BSNL 4G ExPress SIM features : Unlimited 4G InternetUnlimited CallsUnlimited SMS4G Internet Speed Upto 10 MbpsFree SIM Card Get your FREE BSNL 4G ExPress SIM Card TodayRegister Now : http://bsnI.co/sim Offer is valid till 31st Dec, 2016
Real Dragon Found Alive in a Cave: Video - Facts
Story:  REAL DRAGON Found alive in a cave caught on Camera
Bollywood Actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Committed Suicide: Hoax
Story:  Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Commits Suicide Other Versions Bollywood Actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Committed Suicide
"Share If You're Not Ashamed Of Me" Scam on Facebook
Story:  I wanna See how many Peoples Will Share Me. Many of them would be ashamed of me Because i'm disabled and Looking Ugly Other Versions I Wanna see how many peoples will SHARE this!She is 98 years Old.And she served Jesus for 47 years by cooking food for Church members and by cleaning church.And she still serving Lord even her age is 98.
Shipment of Samsung Smartphones Explodes During Transport, 3 Dead: Hoax
Story:  Shipment of Samsung smartphones explodes during transport, 3 dead.
Strange Alien Creature Caught at Kerala-Karnataka Border: Video - Facts
Story: Very unseen strange creature found at Kerala Karnataka border on 30 Nov 2016 . this is not funny. Caught in Kerala Karnataka border. It had been eating all animals including humans. Total 4 reported and only 1 caught. Please be safe during the travel through jungle and palm trees. This is not a graphics. Source from authenticated. It's authenticated 100% video. Other Versions 1. Mysterious creature caught in karnataka border in India. 2. Man eating animal caught at Kerala Karnataka border. ...
Spectacular Footage Shows UFO Flying Past Supermoon 2016: Facts
Story:  Spectacular footage shows UFO flying past Supermoon. Other Versions UFO transits Super Moon 2016! Beaver moon largest supermoon.
1267 results - showing 1 - 10 « 1 2 3 4 5 ... 127 »

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