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A Legendary Con Man in India Sold Various Heritage Sites Including Taj Mahal
Story:  There was a con man in India, who repeatedly sold the Taj Mahal, the Indian parliament and various other heritage sites. He was sentenced to 113 years but managed to escape prison 9 times, last when he was 84 years old. He was a living-legend in his lifetime and a legend even after his death.
Self-cannibalism in Snakes : Facts
Story:  Self-cannibalism Self-cannibalism behavior has been documented in North American rat snakes, one captive individual twice attempted to consume itself, dying in the second attempt. Another wild rat snake individual was found having swallowed about two-thirds of its body.
Daddy Long Legs Spiders are Most Poisonous - Facts
Story:  Daddy-Longlegs are one of the most poisonous spiders, but their fangs are too short to bite humans. Other Versions 1. The most poisonous animal, believe it or not, is the daddy long legs, however, its mouth is so small, it cannot bite us. 2. The daddy longlegs is the "world's most poisonous animal.
Video of Baby Born with One Eye - Facts
Story:  Shocking!! One Eyed Baby born in Israel!! Other Versions 1. Real or Fake Cyclops Baby Born with one Eye in Israel! 2. Cyclops Baby Born With One Eye In Israel! People suspect radiation in the parents DNA, or fumes inhaled from melted war tanks and war weapons may have caused this.
Ghost Caught in Disneyland Security Cameras: Facts
Story:  Ghost Caught in Disneyland Security Cameras. Other Versions 1. Ghost hangs around Disneyland : videos 2. Ghost Caught On Tape in Disneyland video 3. Disneyland Security Cameras Caught Something Strange and Slightly Terrifying On Film 4. Surveillance Video Catches Ghost Walking Around Disneyland After Hours
New Dragon Species Discovered in Indonesia : Facts
Story:  A new species of Dragon discovered in Indonesia.
Kobe Bryant Jumps Over a Pool of Snakes!! : Facts
Story: Dunkest - INCREDIBLE: Kobe Bryant Jumps Over Pool of Snakes!!
Thomas Edison's Last Breath Stored in a Test Tube - Facts Analysis
Story:  Thomas Edison's last breath is stored in a test tube.  Other Versions  1. Thomas Edison's last breath was saved in a test tube.  2. Thomas Edison's last breath preserved in a test tube in the Henry Ford Museum. 
50 Million Year Old Snake Preserved in Amber: Facts
Story:  50 million year old snake preserved in amber. Other Versions Ancient Amber - baby snake -50 million years old!....WOW!
ISIS Cleric Publicly Crushes Christian Baby of Family Who Refused to Convert to Islam: Hoax
Story:  ISIS Cleric Publicly Crushes Christian Baby of Family Who Refused to Convert to Islam. Other Versions OMG! ISIS publicly crushing babies of Christians to death! ISIS publicly crushing babies of Xtians to death who fail to convert.
906 results - showing 1 - 10 « 1 2 3 4 5 ... 91 »

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