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Bulls Hate Red Color and Charge When They See One: Hoax
Story:  Bulls Hate Red Color and Charge When They See One. Other Versions Bulls Get Angry when they See Red color.
Discovery Channel Found 80 Feet Giant Human Skeleton in North India: Hoax
Story:  Discovery channel Found 80 feet tall human Skeleton in north India.Mahabharata has the description of Ghatotkach exactly matching to this. He was bhima's son. Other Versions Giant Human Skeleton of 80 feet Height Found in India.
Buy Reliance Jio Unlimited 4G LYF Smartphone at Just Rs 99: Scam
Story: Buy Relaince Jio 4G!!Buy Reliance Jio at Just 99 rs रिलायंस LYF फ़ोन की धमाकेदार सेल :99 रुपए में 4 जी लयफ स्मार्टफोन http://reliance.jio-4g.com/sale99rs.php 1. अनलिमिटेड 4 जी इन्टरनेट 2. फ्री कालिंग की सुविधा वो भी पूरे 3 महीने के लिये 3. मात्र 99/- रुपए में LYF 4जी स्मार्टफोन फ़ोन की बुकिंग जल्द ही इस लिंक से करे http://reliance.jio-4g.com/sale99rs.php (Cash on Delivery Available)Guaranteed Delivery within 9 Days of Booking Other Versions Buy Reliance...
Shocking UFO Spotted in Kenya: Video - Facts
Story: WATCH: Most clear and shocking video footage of a UFO you will EVER see. Other Versions 1. UFO spotted in Nairobi, Kenya. 2. UFO sighted in Muranga.
Mr. Bean Rowan Atkinson Died After Committing Suicide: Hoax
Story:  English Actor Comedian Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) died at 58 after committing suicide. The comedian committed suicide right after the producer remove him on Johnny English 3. Rowan Atkinson(Mr Bean) recorded a suicide video with a message to his producer and fans around the world..
Eiffel Tower Set to Flames in Terrorist Attack: Facts
Story:  More Terror in France: The Eiffel Tower is Set to Flames. Other Versions 1. Terror Strikes South of France: Fire at Eiffel Tower. 2. Breaking: Eiffel Tower Engulfed in Flames Immediately Following France Terror Attack [Video]
Donald Trump with No Wig or Makeup Photograph: Hoax
Story:  Image of Donald Trump with no Wig or Makeup. Other Versions Donald Trump without a Wig and fake tan people.
Russia Put Black Lives Matter on Official ‘Terror List’: Facts
Story:  Russia Put Black Lives Matter on Official ‘Terror List’. Other Versions US Hate Group “Black Lives Matter” and its Billionaire Funders Put on Russia Terror List.
Photo at Fatal Crash Shows a Man's Spirit Leaving His Body: Facts
Story:  Chilling photo from fatal crash shows a man’s spirit leaving his body. Other Versions 1. Photo at fatal Kentucky crash shows spirit leaving body. 2. Fatal crash photo shows spirit leaving body.
New Mexico's Constitution Says Idiots Cannot Vote: Facts
Story:  The New Mexico's Constitution actually says Idiots Cannot Vote.
1156 results - showing 1 - 10 « 1 2 3 4 5 ... 116 »

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