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'Vitamin B17' Can Cure Cancer, Pharma Conspiring Against It: Hoax
Story:  Vitamin B17 Can Cure Cancer PHARMA is conspiring against this cure Other Versions Cancer is Deficiency of Vitamin B17
Ghost Caught on Cellphone While a Woman was Taking Selfie for Her Boyfriend: Hoax
Story:  Ghost Caught on Cellphone Camera While She was Taking Selfie Other Versions 1. She Takes A Selfie And Notices Someone Behind Her. What Happened Next Scared Me To 2. A girl's just taking a selfie for her boyfriend when something really creepy happens...
Shah Rukh Khan Shocking Bald Picture Without Makeup and Wig: Hoax
Story:  Shahrukh Khan Shocking Bald Picture Other Versions 1. Shah Rukh Khan without makeup and wig 2. Recent original photo of Shahrukh Khan without Wig SRK as he actually looks - without wig and make up - photo taken last week when he was in hospital for some surgery
Reptile Breeder Creates Emoji Snake with Smiley Face Pattern on Its Back
Story:  This Emoji Snake has Smiley Face Pattern on its Back Other Versions Reptile Breeder Spends Years Creating Emoji Pattern Snake
Pig With Blue Fat Found at California Ranch: Facts
Story:  Pig with Blue Fat at California Ranch Other Versions 1. Photo of Bright Blue Pig Shot at California Ranch 2. A mysterious pig with blue fat was found 3. Blue Skinned Pig 4. Bright Blue Fat Found in Wild Pig Killed in Morgan Hill
Flamingo Eggs Have Pink Yolks: Hoax
Story:  Flamingo egg yolks are pink. Other Versions Flamingo eggs have pink yolks.
Real Reptilian Alien Photograph Shuts Down 4chan: Facts
Story:  Reptilian Alien Photo Brings Down 4chan Other Versions 1. Real Alien Selfie Results in 4chan Being Taken Offline 2. Real Alien Pic Shuts Down 4chan
Facebook Security Notification, Your Page Will be Disabled: Scam
Story: WARNING INFO PAGE!Your Page will soon Disabled.This is because a person has been reported that there is a deviation of the content, for violating terms of service. If you are the original owner of this account, please re-confirm your account to avoid blocking.Please re-confirm your account to avoid blocking. Please re-confirm your account here:Link If you do not confirm, then our system will automatically block your account and you will not be able to use it againThank you for helping us improve our service cooperation.I apologize for this...
Gurmehar Kaur Caught on Camera Drinking and Dancing with Friends in Car: Hoax
Story:  Famous girl Gurmehar Kaur Drinking, Dancing and Enjoying in Car with Friends Other Versions 1. Gurmehar Kaur Caught on Camera Drinking and Dancing in Car 2. Gurmehar Kaur caught drinking on camera 3. Gurmehar Kaur dance on a qawwali in a car
Dead Bodies of Hundreds of Kidnapped Children Found in Container, Organs Removed: Hoax
Story: Tamil Nadu police found this bodies of children in one truck container , this children were kidnapped from different part of country , all their body parts were removed like kidney , eyes , hands ,ect,,,Pls take care of your children and froward for awareness Other Versions (Hindi) 1. तमिलनाडू पुलिस को एक कनटेनर से बच्चो की लॉसे मिली,इन बच्चो के जिस्म के अन्दर का हिस्सा निकाला गया है,जैसे किडनी, लीवर तमिलनाडू पुलिस ने बताया इन सारे बच्चो को अलग अलग देशो से किडनैप...
1339 results - showing 11 - 20 « 1 2 3 4 5 ... 134 »

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