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Panadol or Paracetamol Remains in the Body for 5 Years, Killing Humans and Vultures: Hoax
Story: Please make time to read, very useful. Parsees (A sect in India) used to take their Dead & lay them to rest @ huge ‘Wind Towers’ (round structures that Look like Giant Water reservoirs, but open to the air)…The Parsees never buried their dead, nor burned them. They leave them to the Birds of Prey (Vultures) to be eaten thus completing the Life Cycle.. Around 10 years ago, it was noticed that the Birds are dying off. Not many of them were left to consume the dead bodies...
Apple Giving Free iPhone 8 for Beta Testing: Scam
Story:  BEST NEWS FOR APPLE FANS * Tim Cook Apple CEO has announced Free Apple 8 iphone to test its beta features for first 2000 orders.yes you heard it right , you get apple iphone 8 absolutely free.Hurry up only 1200 phones left , I have successfully ordered one iphone 8 now.You to order it free from apple official site http://apple.com-offer.org?tim
MR-VAC Smallpox Injection is Slow Poison for Children, Banned in Many Countries: Hoax
Story:  Very very Important msg Newly invented injection for Smallpox treatment MR – VAC. But actually it is not true. This medicine has been band in many countries. Now this MNC are sending this injection through this Modi government to all schools to inject all children compulsory. Please educate your children, not to take this injections at any cost. It is slow poison which will affect the future of the child as well as future generations also.
Video of Surgery to Remove Undigested Noodles from Human Intestine: Hoax
Story: Undigested Noodles in Intestine Other Versions 1. Operation of intestine due to unchewed noodles 2. Surgery to clean Noodles
Woman Found Strangely Large Egg Under Hen, Having Another Egg Inside
Story:  Woman Found Strangely Large Egg Under Hen, Having Another Egg Inside Other Versions 1. Woman Finds an Egg Inside a Giant Egg 2. A woman opened an enormous hen's egg - and found a Second one inside
New Real Time Account Cash Transactions Monitoring by Income Tax Department in India: Facts
Story:  IMPORTANT NOTICE : Income Tax department has added a new window in their I.T. E-FILING WEBSITE viz ” ACCOUNT CASH TRANSACTIONS ” , from today morning…..!!!!!The moment CASH is deposited into your Bank a/c , the amount will immediately reflect in this WINDOW of the I.T. Department. All the Banks Server’s have been linked with the CPU of I.T. Department for CASH transactions….!!!!! Please SHARE this msg….!!!!!
Alien Snapped Walking Across Street at Parque Forest Santiago, Chile: Facts
Story:  Most amazing proof of Aliens – Real ET snapped walking across Road in broad daylight Other Versions 1. Extraterrestrial man in photo at Parque Forest Santiago 2. Tiny Alien crosses street in Santiago, Chile 3. An ET in the Chile Forest 4. A Photo Captured in Santiago shows Police officers and Alien patrolling together 5. Dover Demon Caught on Film
Jio Unlimited Internet Upgrade till 31st December 2017: Scam
Story: Notice for all Jio Customers Kindly Upgrade your Jio Internet and call services before 12:00/am tonight. Otherwise you will not able to use Jio Internet and calling servicesAnd Your Jio Sim might be deactivated. So Upgrade right now and You can surf upto UnlimitedInternet till 31st December 2017. Jio Team. Link Other Versions Notice for all Jio CustomersKindly Upgrade your Jio Internet and call services before 12:00/am tonight. ...
Eating Lychee is Directly Linked to Brain Failure & Coma: Facts
Story:  After 20 Years of Research it is found that Eating Lychee is Directly linked to Brain Failure & Coma Many Children are dying in India every Year due to this Fruit.Stop Eating Lychee Now.
UNESCO Declares Jallikattu Bull as World Heritage Symbol: Hoax
Story:  UNESCO Declares Jallikattu Bull as World Heritage Symbol Other Versions 1. Jallikattu bull gets UNESCO heritage tag 2. UNESCO approved jallikattu as traditional logo
1339 results - showing 31 - 40 « 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 134 »

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