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Bollywood Actor Kader Khan Died: Hoax Bollywood Actor Kader Khan Died: Hoax Hot

Bollywood Actor Kader Khan Died: Hoax


Bollywood actor Kader Khan died.

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RIP Kader Khan..

Hoax or Fact:



These stories buzzing on social media sites like Twitter & Facebook say that veteran writer and Bollywood actor Kader Khan has passed away. No, the claims are not facts.

The multi-talented artist Kader Khan, aged around 79 years as of this writing, has appeared in over 300 films, and is very much alive. Fauzia Arshi, the director of "Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi", the movie in which Kader Khan was last seen acting, told media that he had a word with Khan, and all the tweets and posts about his death are just rumors. Kader Khan has been a victim of celebrity death hoaxes in the past few years, as various messages about his death keep surfacing on social media sites. Earlier, people even went on to create 'RIP Kader Khan' Facebook page. Due to old age problems, Kader Khan finds it difficult to walk and speak, so he is under constant medical care at his residence in Mumbai.

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Kader Khan alive, death rumours a hoax

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Bollywood Actor Kader Khan Died: Hoax

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