R&B Singer Ciara was Born Male: Hoax

Picture about R&B Singer Ciara was Born Male
R&B Singer Ciara was Born Male


R&B star Ciara was born male. He became a female at the age of 5, and his mother let him grow his hair out. He had surgery, so he no longer has a penis, and apparently he/she was on Oprah having an in depth conversation about it, along with discussing it in a magazine article.

Other Versions

1. Hip-hop artist Ciara used to be a man and had to have a sex change.

2. Hip-hop artist, Ciara, was once a hermaphrodite until the age of 11, when she had surgery to remove her male “appendages.”

3. Ciara reveals her Goodies
By Nolan Strong, allhiphop.com
“I am gay.” These were the words recording artist Ciara spoke Wednesday night to millions viewers on BET’s 106 and Park in a precedent-setting event for cable television.
Ciara’s “coming out” as a lesbian would have been difficult on its own. But also having to admit that she is really a he on national television was cause for celebration among the gay and lesbian community. No major pop singer has ever come out as a transvestite to viewers explicitly after already releasing an album.
The event brings to the spotlight questions about just how far gays and lesbians have been accepted into mainstream society, specifically hip hop culture. People are divided as to what this event means for gay and lesbian individuals as well as for the community at large.
However, as in any controversial issue, there are differing opinions. “Tonight it’s homosexuality, next its transvestites, tomorrow it’s something else,” said Sean “P-Diddy” Combs, President and CEO of Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment, in an interview with allhiphop.com.
The goal for many gays and lesbians is creating awareness about the reality of their identity and lifestyle.
“As a community, we have to fight against those who attack us,” said former pop star Rupaul, who herself performs in “drag” but concealed her real gender from the public. “Personally, I have a tendency to react with anger. At the same time I realize these people have been fed lies about gay and lesbian people.
“Part of our job is to offer information to those who have been lied to. The ‘Ellen’ episode already offered a slice of true information about lesbian and gay people to a large audience,” she added. “But Ciara’s entire appeal was based of this teenie bop heterosexual imagery and less of her sheer talent? Will she maintain her celebrity status? Maybe she will. Will she have as many listeners as before now that she has come out? I doubt it.
UCLA English Professor Arthur Little, who teaches gay and lesbian literature, said he approved of the humorous portrayal of the subject matter on “Ellen.” However, he stressed the serious aspects that surround this particular controversy.
“It allows the American public to see the humor and that gay people laugh too. We have gay teenagers killing themselves at three times the rate of their heterosexual counterparts. This is a serious issue,” he said. Despite the raging controversy surrounding this issue, little said that “gay people are as much a part of our public culture as straight people.”
Ciara was building a strong case for herself as a mainstay in the music industry. Her debut album “Goodies” was certified platinum by the RIAA, and she has been named the recipient of the 2005 Sammy Davis Jr. Entertainer of the Year Award at this year’s Soul Train Awards.
The self-proclaimed ‘Crunk n B’ artist will release her third single “Oh”, (featuring Ludacris) next week and a video for the song will also be released at the end of the month. In addition to being named Entertainer of the Year, Ciara has been nominated for four Soul Train Music Awards.


These are the messages that say the popular R&B singer Ciara Harris was born male, who later changed her sex at the age of five. These claims have been circulating online in several forms since at least 2005, also through emails. Other versions even say Ciara was born Hermaphrodite. Although these claims keep resurfacing online quite often, they are not facts!


These messages became popular in 2005 after a story supposedly written by Nolan Strong of Allhiphop.com surfaced online. However, the write up was not what is claimed; Allhiphop.com dismissed it as a rumor later:

If you happen to read that AHH’s own Nolan Strong wrote a story about Ciara being a trannie he/she, don’t believe it. We didn’t write it, but somebody is trying to be creative with starting rumors. Ciara is alllllll woman, baby!

Screenshot of related article
Screenshot of related article


Some of these messages which started as early as 2005 said that the hip hop star Ciara even talked about her male-birth on the popular show Oprah. However, back in 2005 she has never appeared on Oprah, as told to New York Daily News:

R&B sensation Ciara just wants everyone to know: She’s all woman. “You know what’s funny? The rumor that I used to be a man,” she told us at the launch party for Vibe Vixen magazine at Frederick’s.
“They said Oprah said that on her show,” she laughed. “I’ve never been on Oprah in my life – we all know I have years before I go on Oprah, so come on!”

Screenshot of related article
Screenshot of related article

Again in 2009, after Ciara was voted one of People’s 100 Most Beautiful, when the same question was raised in an interview with Essence.com, this is what she answered:

ESSENCE.COM: You recently commented on the ridiculous comments that folks said you look like a man. Now that you’ve been voted one of People’s 100 Most Beautiful do you feel validated at all?

CIARA: I know I don’t look like a man, never did and never will. I don’t feel I need any validation. I don’t like to focus on the negative so I don’t worry about silly stuff like that. The rumors and comments are all for entertainment so I never looked to anyone for validation.

Picture of Singer Ciara Pregnant
Singer Ciara Pregnant

Ciara Gives Birth to Baby

In May 2014, Ciara gave birth to a baby boy with rapper fiancé Future — rubbishing all the aforementioned claims. It is a fact that sexual normalcy can be constructed through surgical means, but creating fully functional reproductive organs by the same is not possible as of this writing. So the R&B singer Ciara Harris is all woman!

Picture of Ciara with rapper Future
Ciara with rapper Future

Hoax or Fact:


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R&B Singer Ciara was Born Male: Hoax