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Hoaxes and facts related to Crime category.

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8 Year Old Boy Brutally Murdered by RSS Activist in Kerala: Facts
Story: He was just 8 years old A person injected with communal venom can do anything. They won't even spare a child.At Kalliyott near Kanjangad in Kasargod, an eight year old boy was killed by RSS activist Vijayan. It is a telling story of how the communal venom spitting speeches of Sanghparivar leaders can turn human beings into animals. Muhammad Fahad was hacked to death while he was on his way to school. Vijayan, after killing his neighbor's son boasted, "I have killed a rat and left it there". ...
'Whistle Blower' BSF Jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav Killed: Hoax
Story:  BSF Jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav dead Other Versions 1. BSF Jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav Killed 2. Looks like Indian BSF Jawan, Tej Bahadur Yadav who exposed indian army thievery & corruption & then went missing, has been killed. #Kashmir 3. Indian soldier has been killed who uploaded Indian Army food video on social media
Night Robbers Luring People Inside Homes with Sounds of Babies Crying: Hoax
Story: Don't open the door at night if u hear babies crying. Some people r cumming in group's and robbing.Please pass this MSG to u r near and dear... Via : Town Police Nirmal Other Versions 1. ( Telugu) 'అరుపులు వినిపిస్తే తలుపులు తీయొద్దు' - జిల్లా SP బీదర్‌, గుల్బర్గాలకు చెందిన ఓ ముఠా మన రాష్ట్రం లో సంచరిస్తుందని, వాళ్ళు రాత్రి వేళల్లో చిన్న పిల్లల్ని ఏడిపిస్తూ ఇళ్లలోని వారు బయటకు రాగానే వారిపై మారణాయుధాలతో దాడి చేసి కిడ్నాప్ కు పాల్పడుతున్నారని తెలిపారు. అనంతరం వారి అవయవాలను విక్రయిస్తున్నారని తేలిపోయారు. కావున రాత్రి...
Kids Beaten Cruelly at Baharampur Milia International Boarding School: Hoax
Story: Kids beaten at Beharampur Milia International Boarding School Other Versions 1. School children below 8 years beaten by teacher's in Behrampur 2. Berhampur boarding school cruelty. Please share 3. Nandi residential international school in Karnataka where hostel children are being punished...please spread the message
Dead Bodies of Hundreds of Kidnapped Children Found in Container, Organs Removed: Hoax
Story: Tamil Nadu police found this bodies of children in one truck container , this children were kidnapped from different part of country , all their body parts were removed like kidney , eyes , hands ,ect,,,Pls take care of your children and froward for awareness Other Versions (Hindi) 1. तमिलनाडू पुलिस को एक कनटेनर से बच्चो की लॉसे मिली,इन बच्चो के जिस्म के अन्दर का हिस्सा निकाला गया है,जैसे किडनी, लीवर तमिलनाडू पुलिस ने बताया इन सारे बच्चो को अलग अलग देशो से किडनैप...
PETA Kills Thousands of Animals Every Year in their Animal Shelter: Facts
Story:  PETA, the so called Ethical Group Kills Thousands of Animals every year in their Animal Shelter.
Cannibalism Exposed: 2 Men in Uganda Caught Boiling and Eating Human Meat - Hoax
Story:  Cannibalism Exposed: 2 Men in Uganda Caught Boiling and Eating Human Meat Other Versions 1. Police Arrests Two Men in Kiboga for Cannibalism (Shocking Graphic Photos) 2. Four Ugandan men caught boiling and eating human meat in Uganda (photos) 3. WATCH: These Two Men Have Been Kidnapping and Eating Humans in Uganda! HORRIBLE! 4. Men in Uganda CAUGHT Eating HUMAN MEAT
Beware of Cheque Fraud - Erasing and Re-writing
Story:  Cheque Fraud - Erasing and re-writing New type of cheque fraud is found of erasing and rewriting the amounts. Beware..!!!  Other Versions  Cheque Fraud : Using INK PEN ERASER..n Rewriting Amt. 
Russian Reality Show 'Game2: Winter' to Allow Crimes, Including Rape and Murder: Hoax
Story:  Russian reality show 'Game2: Winter' to allow contestants to commit crimes, including Rape, Murder & More.
Muslim Man Slaps Christian Female Teacher in School: Video - Hoax
Story:  Muslim man slaps Christian female teacher in school
65 results - showing 1 - 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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