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Chinese Eat Baby Soup for Sex - Facts Analysis Chinese Eat Baby Soup for Sex - Facts Analysis Hot

Chinese Eat Baby Soup for Sex - Facts Analysis


Chinese Eat Baby Soup for Sex.

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Oh !! Oh !! How cruel can humans be???

Please finish your meal before open the files....

What u are going to witness here is a fact, don't get scared !" It's Taiwan's hottest food..." In Taiwan, dead babies or fetuses could be bought at $50 to $70 from hospitals to meet the high demand for grilled and barbecued babies ...

What a sad state of affairs!!

Please forward this msg to as many people as u can so it can be seen by the world and someone takes action on the same.

Hoax or Fact:



Disturbing photographs claim to show that Chinese people are eating Human Baby Soup for improving their sexual performance. Let us analyze if it is a fact or hoax.


The claim became popular from an article published in The Seoul Times, which said aborted female fetuses and dead newborn baby girls in China are being made into a "baby soup" and served as a delicacy promoting sexual potency. The article was published in 'Letters to the Editor' section, and these messages are in fact circulating widely since early 2001, through emails and other sources.

About the Pictures

The disturbing set of pictures show what appears like making a soup out of human baby fetus that was served and consumed by a group of people. The picture, where a man is shown to eat human baby soup created lot of controversy against Cannibalism and even provoked investigations by both the FBI and Scotland Yard. However, the pictures are actually lifted from a conceptual art piece made by a controversial Chinese performance artist Zhu Yu, who lives in Beijing.

About the Artist

Zhu Yu deals with contemporary performance art that raises questions about moral agendas, and he often uses the human body in his art. The present pictures are taken from his most famous piece of conceptual art, titled "Eating People," which was performed at a Shanghai arts festival in 2000. The art displayed a series of photographs of Zhu Yu cooking and eating what is alleged to be a human fetus, creating lot of controversy. In response to the public reaction, Zhu Yu stated, "No religion forbids cannibalism. Nor can I find any law which prevents us from eating people. I took advantage of the space between morality and the law and based my work on it". Zhu Yu has also claimed that he used an actual human baby fetus stolen from a medical school.

The photo documentation of the performance "Eating People" was done in private, and then there are certain reports stating that the "fetuses" were made out of doll parts and animal carcasses, which he pretended to consume in front of a camera. The artist does make realistic human organs, pieces of faces, babies and such. The video shows an interview of the artist, where you can see Zhu Yu explaining about his controversial art.

To Conclude

Normal Chinese people do not eat babies. The 'disturbing' pictures of baby fetus soup were part of an art exhibit 'eating people' that came from the controversial artist Zhu Yu. To promote this piece of art and the concept, perhaps, the fabricated hoax that Chinese eat baby soup for sex came up. And as the controversial artist claimed, there is a possibility that he might have used real baby fetus in his art, which he says was stolen from a medical school. That thing apart, some media stories proved that Child cannibalism incidents involving the consumption of children and fetuses do take place in some parts of world.


Zhu Yu (artist)
Child cannibalism

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Chinese Eat Baby Soup for Sex - Facts Analysis
Chinese Eat Baby Soup for Sex - Facts Analysis
Chinese Eat Baby Soup for Sex - Facts Analysis
Chinese Eat Baby Soup for Sex - Facts Analysis
Chinese Eat Baby Soup for Sex - Facts Analysis

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