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Eiffel Tower Set to Flames in Terrorist Attack: Facts Eiffel Tower Set to Flames in Terrorist Attack: Facts Hot

Eiffel Tower Set to Flames in Terrorist Attack: Facts


More Terror in France: The Eiffel Tower is Set to Flames.

Other Versions

1. Terror Strikes South of France: Fire at Eiffel Tower.

2. Breaking: Eiffel Tower Engulfed in Flames Immediately Following France Terror Attack [Video]

Hoax or Fact:



Few pictures and a video shared widely online claim to show that the world famous landmark Eiffel Tower is Set to Flames as more terror strikes France after dozens of people were killed in 2016 Nice attack during celebrations of the French National Day (known as Bastille Day internationally). Thankfully, the plummet of smoke beneath the Eiffel Tower and a small, nearby fire seen in the photograph and video do not show any fire attack of Terrorists on the lovely monument.

Actual Fire Accident

Soon after the unfortunate Nice attack in France in the evening of 14 July 2016, few websites like and shared the story in question along with the video - suggesting that more terror might hit France, as the Eiffel Tower has been to set to flames. Photos and video of the event were falsely presented online as a proof of possible forthcoming terror across the France nation. However, the blaze and resulting smoke seen rising from the base of the Eiffel Tower were not the results of any terror attack, but because of an accidental truck fire that took place nearby, on Jena bridge. French police later explained that the fire was due to a technical fault with fireworks planned for later in the evening to celebrate Bastille Day. They said the accidental fire nearby Eiffel Tower was put down soon and also warned people not to spread rumors of terror attack.

Interestingly, though the fire near Eiffel Tower on Bastille Day was accidental, later Islamic State propagandists claimed the credit for the blaze and included it in a video celebrating their appalling crimes. Nonetheless, as explained above by French police, the claim that the Eiffel Tower is set to flames in a terrorist attack is certainly a hoax.

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Fears of Eiffel Tower terror attack during technical fault with Bastille Day fireworks

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Eiffel Tower Set to Flames in Terrorist Attack: Facts

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