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Ganga Water is 'Holy,' It's Scientifically Validated Now
Story:  Ganga water is 'Holy,' it's Scientifically Validated now. Other Versions Polluted Ganga still has 'healing touch'.
Is Tomato Ketchup a Healthy Condiment?
Story:  Is Tomato Ketchup a Healthy Condiment?
Common Foods That Can Kill Your Pets
Story:  Common Foods That Can Kill Your Pets
Dangers and Side Effects of Microwave Cooking
Story:  Cooking food in Microwave Oven is a modern method that is often associated with various safety concerns and health hazards. So, for your information, we are listing the facts about some common claims.
Fake Bank Callers Asking Card Details to Steal 3D Secure PIN
Story: IMPORTANT INFORMATION Hi guys...If you recieve a phone call saying that your reward points of your BANK credit cards have lapsed and that for availing the services/ rewards. You need to tell them a few details which are not sensitive... These guys ask for your card details (number and issued from date) and your date of birth for verification... If you provide them the details they would inform you that you will recieve a verification code on your cell phone which you need to tell them for availing the services...PLEASE BE...
Taking a Shower During a Thunderstorm Can be Dangerous
Story:  Taking a Shower During a Thunderstorm Can be Dangerous.
Beware of Thousands of Facebook Likes on Sale
Story: Facebook Likes Deals. Get Thousands of Facebook Likes on Photos/Status/Video/Pages. Other Versions Selling facebook likes, massive likes to increase audience of your facebook page or facebook profile. World wide likes Package.
Watch Out the Minor Meteor Showers this Summer
Story:  Don't miss these Minor Meteor Showers this Summer.
Fake Donation and Relief Fund Websites Using Natural Calamities to Spread Malware
Story:  Fake donation and relief fund websites that come up during times of natural calamities like what happened in Uttarakhand of India recently are run by Cybercriminals to spread Malware and steal Personal information.
Hockey is Not Indian National Game - Facts Analysis
Story:  Few news reports from the past suggested that Hockey is not the National Game of India, pointing to an RTI filed by a 10 year old girl and same being the response from the Sports Ministry of India. For the information of our readers, we wanted to put forth the complete facts on this.
15 results - showing 1 - 10 1 2

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