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Fake Bank Callers Asking Card Details to Steal 3D Secure PIN Fake Bank Callers Asking Card Details to Steal 3D Secure PIN Hot

Fake Bank Callers Asking Card Details to Steal 3D Secure PIN



Hi guys...
If you recieve a phone call saying that your reward points of your BANK credit cards have lapsed and that for availing the services/ rewards. You need to tell them a few details which are not sensitive... These guys ask for your card details (number and issued from date) and your date of birth for verification... If you provide them the details they would inform you that you will recieve a verification code on your cell phone which you need to tell them for availing the services...

BANKS would never ask such details on phone...
These details help the callers to generate a 3d secure pin for your card which is required to complete any online transaction.

Please pass on this information to everyone.
BANKS please take suitable action.


The informative message shared on Facebook and other social networking websites warns consumers about fake callers from Banks who ask for Credit card details to generate their 3D Secure PINs for stealing their money via online transactions.

3-D Secure is a protocol designed as an additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions. But unfortunately, some scammers have been targeting unsuspecting users with fake stories like this to grab sensitive card information and thus their money. The callers pretending to be bank officials bother the user saying the reward points of his bank credit/debit card have lapsed, and for availing the services/rewards (reward point reversal), he has to tell them a few details that are not sensitive (like card number, date of issue and date of birth of user). Some also come up with other stories, like the user has some due amount with respect to his credit/debit card, or that his card can be blocked for not sharing the information being asked. When unsuspecting users believe in them and give away their card details and personal information, the scammers can use the "Forgot 3D Secure PIN" feature on the bank website to generate the same. They create a fresh 3D Secure PIN by knowing from the user the One Time Password (OTP) sent to his mobile number (and email too). Once the scammers log in to your bank account and have the 3D Secure PIN they can misuse your card and money through online transactions.

There have been many complaints about this kind of misuse of card like mentioned in website Card users have to be careful of such fraud; not to disclose sensitive card and personal information to unknown/unauthentic callers. Remember that officials calling from banks will have all those details. In case if you feel that your 3D Secure PIN has been compromised or used fraudulently, log in to the bank website and re-set it, and also report it to the Bank immediately.


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Fake Bank Callers Asking Card Details to Steal 3D Secure PIN

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