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Hoaxes and facts related to Health category.


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Eating Turkey Makes You Tired and Sleepy - Facts
Story:  Turkey contains a natural sedative that makes you feel tired and sleepy after eating a lot of it. Other Versions Eating turkey makes people especially drowsy.
Party Mehndi Red Cone Contains Dangerous Chemicals - Facts
Story: "Please Read and spread to all the girls u know: Guys: to all ur friends, sisters, cousins etc. Please send it around A girl applied Mehndi called "Red Cone" before few months of her wedding, after applying that mehndi her hands n legs got seriously infected with some disease, so doctors suggested to cut off her hand n legs .. Instead her parents gave her poison.. Please Pass it on! This cone is available everywhere with the name of "PARTY MEHNDI RED...
Study Finds Oreo Cookies as Addictive as Cocaine - Facts
Story: A study finds Oreo cookies as addictive as Cocaine.
Kopi Luwak, an Expensive Coffee Made from Coffee Beans Excrete of Civet Cats
Story:  Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world and is made from coffee beans eaten, partly digested and then excreted by the common palm Civet, a weasel-like animal.
Man Finds Dead Mouse in Can of Monster Energy Drink - Facts
Story:  Man Finds Dead Mouse in Can of 'Monster' Energy Drink.
New Anti-Malaria Soap as Mosquito Repellant Solution - Facts
Story:  Two African students Moctar Dembele and Gerard Niyondiko have created an Anti-Malaria Soap. Their product, Faso soap, is a low-cost, mosquito repellant solution. Other Versions Students invent award-winning soap to tackle malaria, awarded $25,000.
4015 Red Delicious Apple is Genetically Engineered - Facts Analysis
Story: This is urgent...please Read N Share Be careful Dangerous Full of Pesticide Apple From USA to India... This is a '4015 Red Delicious' apple (USA) which my frnd have bought from one of the local market in India. which is full of pesticide grown And also no information was displayed about the wax (if it is edible, how toxic it is etc.) anywhere in the store. You’ll be surprised to know that those stickers tell you whether or not a product is organic, conventionally grown or...
Child Care - While Holding Baby
Story:  Be careful when u hold or carry your child's hand.. U may not know if u will accidentally injured them...
Sanitary Pads and Tampons Contain Cancer Causing Chemicals – Facts Analysis
Story: Attention !!! FORWARD AS U RECEIVE: 56 girls died because of using whisper, stayfree, etc. One Single pad for the whole day because of the chemical used in Ultra Napkins. Which convertsliquid into gel. It causes cancer in bladder & uterus. So please try to use cotton made pads and if you are using ultra pads, Please change that within 5 hours, per day, at least. If the time is prolonged the blood becomes green & the fungus formed gets inside the...
Successful Treatment for Diabetes by Dr. Tony Almeida, Bombay Kidney Speciality Expert - Facts
Story: Finally Good News For Diabetes A woman (65) was diabetic for the last 20+ years and was taking insulin twice a day. She used the enclosed homemade medicine for a fortnight and now she is absolutely free of diabetes and taking all her food as normal including sweets. The doctors have advised her to stop insulin and any other blood sugar controlling drugs. I request you all please circulate the email below to as many people as you can and let them take maximum benefit from...
116 results - showing 11 - 20 « 1 2 3 4 5 ... 12 »

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