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Appy Fizz causes Cancer - Facts Analysis Appy Fizz causes Cancer - Facts Analysis Hot

Appy Fizz causes Cancer - Facts Analysis


Do not drink Appy Fizz.
It contains Cancer causing agent.


Hoax or Fact:


The message states and warns that the popular drink Appy Fizz contains cancer causing agent and so one should not drink it. However, this is not a fact. Till date, there is no proof of any such laboratory tests or scientific studies done to support this claim, the message came from nowhere. Appy Fizz is an apple juice which is carbonated along with water, and it contains some preservatives and coloring agents, which most fruit drink products have. Below is the list of Appy Fizz ingredients:

Reconstitued Apple Juice
Malic Acid
Citric Acid
Permitted (Class II) Preservatives (E211, E224)
Ascorbic Acid

These are the common ingredients of most fruit drinks and are not really harmful. Also, there are no such reports of cancer risks of drinking Appy Fizz. Therefore, these messages claiming Appy Fizz contains cancer causing agent is kind of hoax to create panic among consumers. There is one possibility that the apples used in appy fizz can contain harmful pesticides that may lead to cancer, but again, that is only a possibility which can happen even when you eat such apples directly.

There is another message circulating about Appy Fizz claiming that it contains non vegetarian ingredients like pork, which is again a hoax. But yes, just like any other carbonated drink, excess drinking of Appy Fizz can harm your health in long run.

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