Facts about what Gummy Candies are Made of

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Facts about what Gummy Candies are Made of


In case you were wondering what gummy candies are made of ???

Gummies or jelly sweets are a broad, general type of Gelatin-based, chewy candy. Gelatin is a translucent, colorless, odorless, and nearly tasteless substance that is made by prolonged boiling of skin, cartilage and bones from animals. It’s made primarily from the stuff meat industries have left over – we’re talking about pork skins and cattle bones. Yummy !!!

If this is news to you, it may shed new light on your Great Aunt’s Jell-O mold. And if you love eating chewy candy, you may think twice before chowing down on those gummy worms.


The message talks about the manufacturing process of Gummy Candies, also called Jelly Sweets, that they are Gelatin-based, which is made from prolonged boiling of left over skin, cartilage and bones from animals, and is therefore unhealthy. The message is however a mixture of hoax and facts.

Gummy Candies are ‘generally’ made from sugar, gelatin, glucose syrup, starches, flavorings, food coloring and citric acid. It is a fact that the Gelatin used in these Gummy Candies is an animal protein substance which gives the gel properties to candies. This Gelatin is usually derived from from collagen, a protein found in animal skin and bone, and is extracted by boiling animal hides, skins, bones, and tissue after alkali or acid pretreatment. The video above shows a typical procedure of Gelatin production. Jelly Sweets, i.e Gummy Candies are made by melting the ingredients under low heat, mixing thoroughly and pouring it into molds to provide the desired shape. The below video shows the ideal way of manufacturing Gummy Candy.

However, it is important to note that NOT ALL Gummy Candies are made same way. There are variations on this basic recipe, to make them organic, vegetarian, or to comply with religious dietary laws for non-vegetarians. Some manufacturers offer gelatine-free Gummy Candies, and they use Pectin instead of Gelatin, which makes it unacceptable to vegetarians. Pectin is a gelling agent similar to Gelatin, but is extracted from terrestrial plants and citrus fruits.

The best way to chose the right Gummy Candy is to look for ingredients list in the product, and in all times, one should avoid those low quality, unhygienic candies without proper manufacturing information.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of hoax and facts.


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