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Kids Smoking Bed Bugs to Get High: Facts Kids Smoking Bed Bugs to Get High: Facts Hot

Kids Smoking Bed Bugs to Get High: Facts


Kids are now Smoking Bed Bugs to get High (Video).

Other Versions

1. People will smoke anything to get high and bed bugs are the new (soon to be illegal) drug.

2. People Get High by Smoking Bed Bugs | Teenagers Use Bed Bugs to Get High | Bed Bugs Drugs.

Hoax or Fact:



These messages, along with a video, come with a shocking claim that Kids and teenagers are now smoking Bed Bugs to get high! The video that appears like a news report went viral, and the story became so popular that there came up articles and speculations explaining how the bugs can be caught and make them ready to smoke; also calling it disgusting at the same time. But is all this a fact, let us get into the details.

About the Video

The root claim is that bed bugs have a known hallucinogen that when smoked or injected can cause major hallucinations. According to the video, kids are seeking this bizarrely new habit because it is a cheap way to get high from the hallucinogenic substance (PH-417) supposedly contained within the small critters.

The video uploaded to YouTube on 7 Apr 2014 was first published on LiveLeak by a user named John Cain, whose profile states, "All of the videos that I post are mine and made by me." In his blog posted on the same day, John Cain confirmed he made the video out of his imagination, editing old videos and acting like a reporter. The video was in fact based on an edited version of a real, but old KNXV-TV report on the dangers of ‘dabbing’ (inhaling butane-extracted hash oil).

About Original Video

The original video report (second one in this article) was in no way related to bedbugs. Published on 16 Sep 2013, the video actually showed experts discussing that the use of butane hash oil is on the rise. The drug "Butane Hash Oil" or BHO was becoming increasingly more popular among teens in Arizona. On the street it goes by various names like shatter, wax, ear wax, honey oil, amber or dabbing. In the video, Shane Watson shares his drug addiction experiences to help educate parents on the dangers of teens on drugs. You can read more about it in the news report on

So the video claiming kids/teens are smoking bed bugs to get high is an edited one; the story is hoax and a prank to be precise. Bed bugs may produce tiny amounts of certain volatile chemicals, but their bodies do not contain any substance called "PH-417" that when smoked or injected will give you high. Smoking bed bugs will not get you high; it might rather lead to unpleasant health consequences.

The same old point to remember: do not believe in everything you read online.


Smoking Bed Bugs Will Not Get You High

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Kids Smoking Bed Bugs to Get High: Facts
Kids Smoking Bed Bugs to Get High: Facts
Kids Smoking Bed Bugs to Get High: Facts
Kids Smoking Bed Bugs to Get High: Facts

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