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Party Mehndi Red Cone Contains Dangerous Chemicals - Facts Party Mehndi Red Cone Contains Dangerous Chemicals - Facts Hot

Party Mehndi Red Cone Contains Dangerous Chemicals - Facts


"Please Read and spread to all the girls u know:

Guys: to all ur friends, sisters, cousins etc. Please send it around

A girl applied Mehndi called "Red Cone" before few months of her wedding, after applying that mehndi her hands n legs got seriously infected with some disease, so doctors suggested to cut off her hand n legs .. Instead her parents gave her poison..

Please Pass it on!

This cone is available everywhere with the name of "PARTY MEHNDI RED CONE"

Kindly dont apply it!!!

Because it contains dangerous chemicals which can take ur life!

Dont think evn for a minute not to forward it bcz EID is nearer girls buy such cones(plz save other's life)

Its 0ur duty plz..


Other Versions

High Alert For All Girls

Please Send To All Girls,


1 Larki Jo Orangi Town ( KARACHI) Men Rehti Thi, 5th October Ko Us Ki Barat Thi, Red Cone Mehndi Lagany Se Us K Hath, paon Ki skin Or Gosht jalna Shoro Ho Gaya, Doctor Ne Donon Hath Paon Katwanay a Kaha To Us K Maa Baap Ne Us Larki Ko Zehr Ka Injection De Diya, So kindly Spread It To All..

This Kon Mehndi is Available Everywhere, With Name Of (PARTY MEHNDI RED CONE) Kindly Dont Apply This.Coz It Contains Dangerous Chemicals can Take Your Life..

Dr. Imran Ansari (MBBS)

AAGha Khan Hospital N University.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of hoax and facts.


The message comes as a warning not to use 'Party Mehndi Red Cone,' describing an incident in Pakistan that led to the death of a girl who applied it during her wedding ceremony. The message appears to come from an MBBS doctor Imran Ansari of the Aga Khan University Hospital in Pakistan. The claims are mixture of hoax and facts.

The origin of these messages dates back to November 2011, and was initially shared through Forums. The message insists that 'Party Mehndi Red Cone' available in Pakistan contains dangerous chemicals that seriously infected the hands and legs of the girl who applied it during her wedding ceremony, after which doctors wanted to cut off her hands and legs, while her parents asked to give her poison. The story was also submitted as a contributed citizen's news on

According to a doctor of agha khan hospital. a red cone mehandi is arrived in all over Pakistan. This cone is filled with strong chemicals. Due to which a girl was died. In his message he said, "that girl was newly married and had applied this cone, after two to three days the red cone chemicals start burning her skin. And when the chemicals spread to the legs, she went to the agha khan hospital with her parents, the parents asked to the doctor what happened to our daughter, the doctor says, the cone mehandi she had applied contained very strong chemical and this the burning of her skin is due to the chemicals contained in the cone, so if you want to stop this chemical from spreading in her whole body then we have to cut her hands and feet. This is because we cant recover them. The parents did not agree on that. And said to doctor that instead of giving her pain by cutting her hands and feet, give her a poison injection so that she can die in peace. And the doctor gave the poison injection to the girl. After that the doctor spread this message through sms that never use this red cone mehandi.

Although the authenticity of this particular incident is not clear, there have been cases of adverse skin reactions with use of some mehndi cones in Pakistan. As reported by few Pakistani girls in fashion and beauty section of forum, some emergency mehndi cones did have one or more chemicals and they caused skin irritation, pain, skin peeling off, hyperpigmentation (darkening of an area of skin) and scars. Using mehendi cones for special occasions is also popular in other countries like India, Bangladesh, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Concerns over Mehndi Cones

Henna is a flowering plant, the powdered leaves of which are typically used by women in Mehndi ceremony - as a part of traditional blessing, as well as for joy and beauty. The natural mehndi is unlikely to cause skin reactions, but when it is mixed with certain chemicals, it can cause allergic reactions. Some manufacturers that sell Henna in the form of cones can use harmful chemicals like para-phenylenediamine (PPD), O-Aminophinol and Phenol - to make it colorful or darker.

PPD is generally used in permanent hair dyes and is not recommended in non-permanent hair dyes such as henna. When a person uses henna with PPD for first few times, she may be fine, but with subsequent applications, the skin can become sensitive and cause allergies. These harmful chemicals added to henna may cause itching, rashes, blistering, body ache, throat swelling, restlessness, low blood pressure etc. You can see pictures of few such cases in image gallery. People who are sensitive to these chemicals can have more adverse reactions. Some people mix black mehendi with the natural henna, which again can cause adverse skin reactions. Also note that using expired Mehndi Cones can cause such adverse skin reactions.

FDA's Take on Henna Products

The U.S. FDA has approved Henna only for use as a hair dye; it is not approved for direct application to the skin, as in mehndi. FDA has addressed that some manufacturers and beauticians use unapproved color additives to make the henna products adulterated and therefore illegal. FDA has in fact received reports of injuries to the skin from products marketed as henna and black henna, and therefore requires ingredient declaration.


The natural Henna products used sensibly can be a good alternative to chemical based hair and skin products. But considering the aforementioned dangers, it is important to be careful while using the emergency mehndi cones for parties and other occasions. When you are buying a henna product or mehndi cone, you should look for the manufacturer's name and address, and also the product's contents. Moreover, it is always better to do a patch test and check for any reaction before you go for the actual mehendi process.


Mehendi cones may carry harmful ingredients
Temporary Tattoos, Henna/Mehndi, and "Black Henna": Safety and Regulatory Information

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Party Mehndi Red Cone Contains Dangerous Chemicals - Facts
Party Mehndi Red Cone Contains Dangerous Chemicals - Facts
Party Mehndi Red Cone Contains Dangerous Chemicals - Facts
Party Mehndi Red Cone Contains Dangerous Chemicals - Facts
Party Mehndi Red Cone Contains Dangerous Chemicals - Facts
Party Mehndi Red Cone Contains Dangerous Chemicals - Facts
Party Mehndi Red Cone Contains Dangerous Chemicals - Facts
Party Mehndi Red Cone Contains Dangerous Chemicals - Facts
Party Mehndi Red Cone Contains Dangerous Chemicals - Facts

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