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Select Healthy Toothpaste Based on Color of Squares on Tubes - Hoax Select Healthy Toothpaste Based on Color of Squares on Tubes - Hoax Hot

Select Healthy Toothpaste Based on Color of Squares on Tubes - Hoax


Awareness on selection of toothpaste ! 

Pay attention when buying toothpaste.
At the bottom of the toothpaste tube there is a color bar. And now I know the meaning of the color bar! 
Try to choose green and blue, there are four kinds:

Green: natural; 
Blue : Natural + Medicine; 
Red : Natural + Chemical composition; 
Black : pure chemical.

Other Versions 

1. Did you know squares on tubes means something

Green : All naturals
Red : some natural, but most chemicals
Black : Only chemicals are used.

2. Black/Blue line: 100% chemical
Red Line: 50% chemical, 50% natural
Green Line: 100% natural

Hoax or Fact:



The message suggests people to choose healthy and natural toothpastes based on the color of the squares present at the bottom on crimp. Other versions of these messages say the same about all other tubes in general - that from those colors of squares on crimps, one can know if the contents are natural or chemical based. This is not a fact, the claims are hoax.

These square marks found on most tubes are NOT meant to convey the chemical composition of the contents to the user, they are called 'Eye Marks' and are in fact used in packaging process, to perform tasks like telling the electronic machines where to cut or crimp the tube.

Eye mark register

A printed rectangular mark most often found along the edge of webstock that can be identified by an electric eye. The mark identifies a point on the web where an individual package is to be cut.

These eye marks are sometimes referred as eye spots in manufacturing industry and are no way related to the chemical contents of the tube. The different colors used are based on choice and ease of packaging/printing machine sensors, as explained in the video shown. Almost all tubes have such kind of markings, but they are not always visible to the user, and not just the colors mentioned in the messages, there will also be others like blue, pink and purple.

Therefore these square colored markings on the bottom crimps of toothpastes and other tubes have got nothing to do with their chemical constituents. If one needs to know this information, the best way is to look for the ingredient list on the tube, or look up for it in the company's website or elsewhere online.


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Select Healthy Toothpaste Based on Color of Squares on Tubes - Hoax

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