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The Honest Coca Cola Obesity Advertisement - Facts Analysis The Honest Coca Cola Obesity Advertisement - Facts Analysis Hot

The Honest Coca Cola Obesity Advertisement - Facts Analysis

When Coca Cola decides to tell the truth of how their products are damaging people's health worldwide.. 

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Hoax or Fact:



The video message, claiming to be an official advertisement from Coca Cola on Obesity, shows how their products are seriously damaging the health of people worldwide. Although it is a fact that Coca Cola did release an anti-obesity video advertisement in January 2013, this is not the actual message in it.

The voice over in the original Coca Cola video commercial titled 'Coming Together' was actually changed to show the depressing version of reality. You can watch the original anti-obesity ad right below, where Coca Cola addresses the seriousness of obesity in America and has come up with low calorie and no calorie choice of drinks, also listing their calorie content clearly.

Therefore, the video message associating consumption of Coca Cola with serious health risks is a hoax - it is not the official Coca Cola obesity advertisement. It is a fact that there were many claims of health risks with coca cola, not all of which are complete facts. You can read about it in detail here. As mentioned in the video, all calories count, no matter where they come from, including Coca Cola. So it is important to regulate your day to day calorie intake and burn off the excess, because if you don't, you are prone to obesity and its related health risks.

Coca-Cola's anti-obesity ad - Coming Together

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