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The Legendary 'Sword in the Stone' is Real, Discovered at Montesiepi Chapel in Italy: Facts
Story:  The legendary 'Sword in the Stone', often linked to King Arthur in England is Real, but it is Discovered at Montesiepi Chapel in Italy, and belongs to St. Galgano Guidotti.
Only Two Coca-Cola Executives Know Coke's Secret Recipe Formulation: Facts
Story:  Only two people alive know the Coca-Cola 'recipe', and they aren't allowed to travel on the same plane in case it crashes. Other Versions Only two Coca-Cola executives know Coke's formula, and each of them knows only half of it.
The Last Kiss, a Picture from World War II: Hoax
Story: The Last Kiss, a picture from World War II..
Photograph of Last Surviving Veteran of WWII Marching Alone on Memorial Day Parade: Facts
Story:  Walking alone on Memorial Day, the last surviving veteran of WW2 battle group. Other Versions 1. Last veteran of his WWII battle group marching alone in Memorial Day Parade. 2. Last veteran of his World War Two (WWII) battle group marching alone in Victory Day Parade. How many people will ‘share’ this hero?
Santa Claus' Red Suit Created by Coca-Cola Company for Advertising: Facts
Story:  The modern image of Santa Claus was created by the Coca-Cola Company. Other Versions 1. Coca-Cola invented Santa's red suit. 2. Santa's trademark red and white robes were the creation of a Coca-Cola advertising campaign.
Archaeologists' Discovery of 800-Year-Old Mobile Phone Proves Time Travel is Real: Facts
Story:  Archaeologists' discovery of '800-year-old mobile phone' prove time travel is real. Other Versions 1. Ancient Tablet Looks Like Cell Phone with Cuneiform Keys. 2. A remarkable artifact has been found by a team of archaeologists in Austria. The artifact which resembles a modern day cell phone was reportedly found earlier this year by archaeologists digging in a city in the Austrian state of Salzburg.
Hello Is the Name of Girlfriend of Graham Bell who Invented Telephone: Facts
Story: When you lift the phone, you say "Hello". Do you know what is the real meaning of "Hello" It is the name of a girl. Yes .... and do you know who is that girl Margaret Hello. She was the girlfriend of Graham bell who invented the telephone. One can forget the name of Graham bell but not his girlfriend - that is Love !!!! Other Versions Hello is Name of Girlfriend of Graham Bell who Invented Telephone !...
Man Survived Two Atomic Blasts of Japan in 1945
Story: In 1945 a man survived the atomic blast at Hiroshima, dragged himself to an air-raid shelter, spent the night, caught the morning train so he could arrive at his job on time - in Nagasaki - where he survived another atomic blast. Other Versions Tsutomu Yamaguchi is a Nijuu hibakusha, a man who survived both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb blasts.
General Motors (GM) Streetcar Conspiracy Between 1938 and 1950: Facts
Story:  There was a rumor that between 1938 and 1950, officials at General Motors were buying up train and light rail systems in cities so that people would have to buy more cars. The only falsity in this theory turned out to be that it wasn’t just GM that was in on this ploy, but several other companies, as well.
Titanic Ticket - Facts
Story:  The real boarding pass for RMS Titanic. Other Versions  1. An actual Titanic boarding pass. 2. Third Class ticket - R.M.S. Titanic Photo.
22 results - showing 1 - 10 1 2 3

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