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RBI Released New Currency Notes of Rs 1000, 100, 50 and 20: Hoax
Story:  RBI Released new Rs 20, 50, 100 and 1000 Notes Other Versions RBI released new currency notes of Rs 1000, 100, 50 and 20. Very colorfull. Have a look at it.
Gurmehar Kaur Caught on Camera Drinking and Dancing with Friends in Car: Hoax
Story:  Famous girl Gurmehar Kaur Drinking, Dancing and Enjoying in Car with Friends Other Versions 1. Gurmehar Kaur Caught on Camera Drinking and Dancing in Car 2. Gurmehar Kaur caught drinking on camera 3. Gurmehar Kaur dance on a qawwali in a car
Three Eyed and Three Horned Cow Found in India: Facts
Story:  Sacred cow in kalabairava Temple in ujjain, MP. It has 3 horns like trishul, and 3 eyes like Lord Shiva.OM NAMA SHIVAYA......? Other Versions  1. A three eyed and three horned cow found in India. 2. A Special Cow found at Kalabhairava Temple, Ujjain, MP. Cow has 3 Horns like Trishul & 3 eyes same like Lord Shiva.
Donations to Indian Army for Battle Casualties and Weapons Purchase: Facts
Story: Suggestion of Re.1/- per day to be given to Indian Army for Battle Casualties and Weapons purchase has been ACCEPTED BY THE GOVT. and Account has been opened at SYNDICATE BANK, NEW DELHI SOUTH EXTENSION BRANCH.A/C Name: ARMY WELFARE FUND BATTLE CASUALTIES.A/C No. 90552010165915.IFSC : SYNB0009055.At today's population @130 Crores, even 100 crores or 70% people deposit ONE RUPEE EACH, the Defence Ministry gets 100 crores per Day and 3000 crores per month and 36000 crores in one Year WHICH IS EQUAL TO PAKISTAN's BUDGET OF DEFENCE EXPENDITURE.Sir, we don't get even a glass...
Hyderabad on High Alert, 14 Bombs Planted: Facts
Story:  Hyderabad on high alert... 14 bombs planted around hyderabad.. news scrolling on TVs ... CISF & RAF ordered to be on high alert at vital places.... Still operation is on.... ask family members to immediately return home.. Plz communicate with ur freindsForwd in all groups
Crocodiles Escaped into Flood Waters of Chennai: Facts
Story:  Crocodiles Escaped into Flood Waters of Chennai. Other Versions 1. 40 Crocodiles had Escaped the Madras Crocodile Bank on East Coast Road of Chennai. 2. In Flooded Chennai, 'Crocodiles Have Escaped'.  3. Crocodiles Have Escaped through Floods in Chennai.
Girl Slams HCL on Receiving Appointment Letter 3 Years After Being Recruited
Story:  Girl Slams HCL on Receiving Appointment Letter 3 Years After Being Recruited. Other Versions 1. This girl rejecting HCL job offer like a boss, After receiving appointment letter 3 years after campus recruitment. 2. Oh Yes! This girl rejecting HCL offer like a boss. 3. A brave girl rejects an HCL that was just 3 years too late - and cites reasons :))
Facts about Nathuram Godse, the Assassin of Mahatma Gandhi
Story: Godse is often a misunderstood character. He is referred to as a Hindu fanatic. It is often hard to understand Godse because the Government of India had suppressed information about him. His court statements, letters etc. were all banned from the public until recently. Judging from his writings one thing becomes very clear – He was no fanatic. His court statements are very well read out and indicate a calm and collected mental disposition. He never even once speaks ill about Gandhi as a person, but only attacks Gandhi's policies which caused ruin and...
Rahul Gandhi Involved in a Gang Rape - Facts Analysis
Story: Rahul Gandhi involved in Gang Rape : Vctim Ms.Sukanya is under threat from Congress goons. Rahul Gandhi, Congress Member, Parliament of India ,representing the youth of Congress Party is been charged for raping a girl named Ms.Sukanya who happened to be daughter of Congress worker. Rahul Gandhi is fifth-generation scion of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and son of Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi, he ran on a campaign promoting economic development, honest politics and the role of youth. Mainstream media is silent on this issue. On that fateful night Ms.Sukanya tried to...
Rajiv Gandhi Holds 2.5 Billion in Swiss Bank - Swiss Magazine Schweizer Illustrierte - Facts Analysis
Story: Every Indian Must Know This Fact! Attached is a photo from a Swiss Magazine Schweizer Illustriertein (November 1991) - it shows the top holders of Swiss bank accounts at the time.Rajiv Gandhi appears in the august company of other dictators like Saddam Hussein, Suharto of Indonesia, etc.The text below Rajiv's photo reads: Rajiv Gandhi, Indian, Holds 2.5 billion Swiss ...Francs (equal to 13,200 Crores in 1991).Till date, the Congress party has never refuted / spoken about these allegations. These are our great leaders on whose birth & death anniversaries the government uses the tax...
24 results - showing 1 - 10 1 2 3

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