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Anand Kumar - An Inspiring Mathematician and a Successful Teacher Anand Kumar - An Inspiring Mathematician and a Successful Teacher Hot

Anand Kumar - An Inspiring Mathematician and a Successful Teacher

A Must SHARE Story , Inspiring real life story of a Mathematician !!!

the person you are seeing in this picture is Anand kumar , A mathematician from Patna, Bihar, India. He developed an indomitable affection and love towards mathematics and possesses exceptional mathematical abilities. His role model is great Indian mathematician “Ramanujan”. During graduation, He submitted papers on Number Theory, which were published in Mathematical Spectrum and The Mathematical Gazette. He worked hard and dreamed of getting into one of the world’s best university “Cambridge”. And one day he got it, admission to Cambridge.
Very soon he realized that his father cannot afford his education at Cambridge. He and his father searched helplessly for a sponsor all over India but nobody came up. And one day his family’s only breadwinner: his father died and his last hope of getting good education diminished. He gave up the dream of Cambridge and came back to his home in Patna, Bihar... read more. 

Hoax or Fact:


The message talks about Anand Kumar, claiming to be an Indian mathematician from a poor family who has worked hard and developed world famous free IIT educational programs. It is a fact. Anand Kumar has been an inspiring mathematician and a successful teacher, famous for his Super 30 educational program.

Early life of Anand Kumar 

Anand Kumar was born in January 1973, in Bihar, where his father worked as a post office clerk and could not afford his private schooling. Anand used to attend a Hindi medium government school, and in due course of time he developed great interest for Mathematics. In his graduation, Anand Kumar submitted papers on Number Theory, which were later published in the popular magazines Mathematical Spectrum and the Mathematical Gazette. Later in 1994 Kumar secured admission in to the Cambridge University, but he could not attend it because of his financial condition and father's death. He could not get a sponsor for his education even after searching in Patna and Delhi.

Following the financial crisis in his family, Anand used to sell papads in the evening along with his mother, and in the day time he would work on his Mathematics skills. Every weekend he used to travel on a 6 hour journey to Varanasi for reading foreign journals in the Central Library, BHU (Banaras Hindu University). He would also teach maths to students around his place and earn extra money. This paved the way for his teaching career.

Teaching Career

In 1992, Anand Kumar rented a classroom and began teaching Mathematics, starting his own institute in the name of the Ramanujam School of Mathematics (RSM). Within a span of year, the number of student enrolments increased well and his institute became popular. Anand is also a columnist for various national and international journals and magazines of mathematics.

In early 2000, a poor and financially backward student came to Anand seeking help in IIT-JEE coaching. This motivated Anand Kumar to start the Super 30 programme in 2002, for which he became popular around the world.

Super 30 Program

Anand Kumar's Ramanujan School of Mathematics conducts a competitive test for economically backward students every year in May and selects 30 talented people among them for its free ‘Super 30’ educational program. The institute tutors them for Joint Entrance Examination for the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT-JEE), provides study material and also offers lodging for a year. Anand's mother, Jayanti Devi cooks for these students, and his brother Pranav Kumar handles the management.

Over the years, most of the students from this Super 30 program have made it to the IITs, and in the year 2010, all the 30 students of the program cleared IIT JEE entrance. More interestingly, Anand always rejected financial help of any government or private sponsors, be it national or international. He wanted to run the Super 30 program on his own, and manages it from the tuition fee that he earns from his Ramanujan Institute.

Worldwide Recognition

For his inspiring social service in educating underpriviledged students, Anand Kumar and his Super 30 program received worldwide recognition. The Time magazine has recognized the Super 30 program as The Best School of Asia in 2010. He was appreciated in various national and international newspapers like Newsweek and New York Times. He was featured in BBC program and his Super 30 program was broadcasted on Discovery channel. Anand also won accolades from the Indian Prime Minister ManMohan Singh and the US President Barack Obama.


The inspiring mathematician Anand Kumar also finds place in Limca Book of Records 2009 for his great contribution and free coaching to help the poor students crack IIT-JEE. In July 2010, Anand was awarded the S. Ramanujan Award by the Institute for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences (IRDS). The same year he was awarded with the "Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Shiksha Puraskar" by the Bihar government and the Prof Yashwantrao Kelkar Yuva Puraskar by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) in Bangalore. Kumar also won few other national and international awards for his excellent education program.

When asked why he is interested to bring up only the poor people, Anand Kumar says:

Education is their only weapon to rid themselves(poor peoples') of poverty and social exploitation.

Anand Kumar is indeed a great man and mathematician, to share his knowledge for free and encourage the poor students. The video above shows the man himself speaking up for his cause at the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) 2011 in Qatar.

Anand Kumar
Super 30 educational program
Time calls it Best Cram School of Asia 2010

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Anand Kumar - An Inspiring Mathematician and a Successful Teacher
Anand Kumar - An Inspiring Mathematician and a Successful Teacher
Anand Kumar - An Inspiring Mathematician and a Successful Teacher
Anand Kumar - An Inspiring Mathematician and a Successful Teacher
Anand Kumar - An Inspiring Mathematician and a Successful Teacher
Anand Kumar - An Inspiring Mathematician and a Successful Teacher

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