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Mother's Hug Brings Her Dead Baby Back to Life Mother's Hug Brings Her Dead Baby Back to Life Hot

Mother's Hug Brings Her Dead Baby Back to Life


Mother Brings Baby Back to Life With Two Hours Of Loving Cuddles After Doctors Pronounce Him Dead.

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Miracle Baby Pronounced Dead Comes Back to Life after 2 hours of the mother holding him in her arms.

Hoax or Fact:



The messages claim to talk about an unbelievable incident - that a mother's loving hug for 2 hours has brought her dead baby back to life. Yes, it is a fact. The incident happened in Australia in 2010 with Kate Ogg and her prematured baby boy Jamie Ogg.

About the Incident

In 2010, at a hospital in Sydney, Kate Ogg had to deliver her premature twin babies at just 27 weeks gestation. Although her daughter Emily survived the premature birth, her son Jamie Ogg could not survive while he weighed only 2lb. He had no signs of life when he was delivered, and doctors pronounced him dead after 20 minutes of failed attempts to get him to breathe.

After Jamie was declared dead, the nurses in the hospital placed the baby over Kate’s bare chest so that Kate and her husband David Ogg could reconcile themselves to his death. Kate Ogg later explained about the moment saying:

I wanted to meet him and to hold him and for him to know us. If he was on his way out of the world, we wanted for him to know who his parents were and to know that we loved him before he died.

This way Kate spent two hours with her baby, cuddling him and speaking to him along with his father David, when they suddenly realized Jamie began to gasp. Doctors initially believed that it was just a "natural reflex" and the baby is no more, but when the baby began gasping more often and then opened his eyes, all of them were astonished.

The video shown is a news report of this incredible incident. The real footage of the incident in hospital was taken by one of the midwives in the hospital and clearly shows how the dead declared baby lying over the chest of his mother starts coming back to life again.

Miracle or Mother's Magic

The survival of Jamie who was born prematured at 27 weeks gestation, showing no signs of life after he was delivered, has baffled the doctors.

They related the incident to a possible case of "Kangaroo touch" which is popular in Australia. Kangaroos hold their newborns close to the skin in their pouch, and this "skin-to-skin" contact creates a bonding between mother and her baby. Kate too was doing the same - cuddling and caressing her baby’s limp body. This generates heat for the new born baby and then getting to hear his mother’s heartbeat probably stimulates the baby, which could have helped to get him back to life.

This ‘Kangaroo care’ is practiced in many places around the world, especially in poor countries where incubators may not be available for the premature babies. As a matter of fact, in Britain, mothers are advised to have plenty of skin-to-skin contact with their babies because it develops a bonding that helps with feeding and settling of the child.

This incident of Kate Ogg hugging and bringing her dead baby back to life is a good example to show the power of love, affection and bonding! A somewhat similar incident where a twin sister's helping hand became the rescuing hug can be read here.


Mother's cuddle brings baby 'back to life'
Mom’s hug revives baby that was pronounced dead

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Mother's Hug Brings Her Dead Baby Back to Life
Mother's Hug Brings Her Dead Baby Back to Life
Mother's Hug Brings Her Dead Baby Back to Life

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