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Remains of a Nazi Officer Found Inside Stomach of a 100-Year Old Giant Catfish: Hoax
Story:  Nazi Remains Found in the Stomach of a Giant Catfish  Other Versions  1. Remains of Nazi Officer Discovered Inside 100-year Old Giant Catfish  2. Polish fishermen found the remains of a Nazi in the belly of the 100-year fish.
Dozens of School Children in Peru Possessed by Demon, Suffer Contagious Seizures: Facts
Story:  Nearly 100 Children in Peru are Possessed by Demon and have Contagious Seizures in Haunted School. Other Versions 1. Dozens of children from Elsa Perea Flores School in Peru suffer the outbreak of contagious demonic possession. 2. Massive Demonic Possession: 100 school children in Peru having seizures, visions of a Man in black. 3. Mass Possession Event! 100 School Children in Peru Possessed By the Devil!
Video of Frozen Fish Brought Back to Life by Placing in Warm Water: Facts
Story:  Frozen fish brought back to life after being thawed out. Other Versions Frozen fish comes back to life after being put into a bucket of warm water.
Cannibalism Exposed: 2 Men in Uganda Caught Boiling and Eating Human Meat - Hoax
Story:  Cannibalism Exposed: 2 Men in Uganda Caught Boiling and Eating Human Meat Other Versions 1. Police Arrests Two Men in Kiboga for Cannibalism (Shocking Graphic Photos) 2. Four Ugandan men caught boiling and eating human meat in Uganda (photos) 3. WATCH: These Two Men Have Been Kidnapping and Eating Humans in Uganda! HORRIBLE! 4. Men in Uganda CAUGHT Eating HUMAN MEAT
Poltergeist Caught on CCTV, Haunted Doll Terrorizing a Young Girl: Hoax
Story: Video: 'Poltergeist caught terrorizing a young girl' Other Versions 1. Watch: 'Creepy' CCTV footage captures 'paranormal activity' A child's doll appears to turn its head by itself before objects are launched around a room in creepy home footage 2. 'Demon possessed doll' blinks and nods head before entire room shakes
Vladimir Putin Will Sing at Donald Trump's Inauguration: Hoax
Story:  Vladimir Putin Will Sing at Donald Trump's Inauguration Other Versions Putin to Sing at Trump Inauguration
Wheaties Cereal Fortified with Iron Stick to Magnets
Story:  Wheaties and other breakfast foods are fortified with metallic iron, and they react to magnets. Other Versions 1. Wheaties Cereal Can Be Levitated With Magnets 2. Wheaty cereals fortified with Iron stick to magnets
Picture of Jesse Owens and Adolf Hitler Shaking Hands at the 1936 Olympics: Facts
Story:  Jesse Owens and Adolf Hitler during the Olympics Other Versions Jesse Owens and Hitler shaking hands at the 1936 Olympics
Accepting Call from 9 Digit Phone Number 777888999 Will Kill You: Hoax
Story: Dear what’s app users: Please read the message carefully.. It’s not a joke.. In-between 12.00am to 3.00am don’t pick the phone call from the following number.. 777888999.. Yes it’s a 9 digits mobile number.. It’s not fake.. 10 members died because of lifting the call .. One lady will speak to the call receiver.. And she will tell that it’s the last call for you.. Please pass this message to all.. It has been telecasted in public tv.. Please don’t neglect.. Pass it to your friends and family… ...
Jayalalitha Ghost Seen at Various Places in Tamil Nadu: Hoax
Story:  Shocking!!! Jayalalitha Ghost in Poes Garden House Back side. Other Versions 1. Shocking!!! Jayalalitha ghost in Hospital Ground Floor Haunted Parking Area. 2. Shocking!!! Jayalalitha Ghost in Haunted Car Parking CCTV Footage. 3. CM Jayalalitha Ghost Caught on Camera.
1291 results - showing 1 - 10 « 1 2 3 4 5 ... 130 »

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