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Picture of Baby Being Tattooed: Facts Picture of Baby Being Tattooed: Facts Hot

Picture of Baby Being Tattooed: Facts


Parenting Fail!

Baby being tattooed on hand by father.

Hoax or Fact:



The photograph showing a child crying wildly, as he is being tattooed by an adult person (supposedly his father) went viral online in April 2014. The message, as conveyed in the picture as a parenting fail created lot of outrage online, with people commenting on the parental irresponsibility and child abuse. However, as of this writing, the authenticity of the picture and the claim that comes with it could not be determined.

The picture of the crying baby shown as being tattooed by his father is not new; it has been circulating online since at least 2012 - also in various funny categories like the one here. The origin of the picture is not known, so is its authenticity, and whether what is conveyed in it is true. It can be a photoshopped image, or a staged prank for possibly creating a viral image, and in worst case, if the baby is actually tattooed, it would be a crime. Though such cases are rare, a Georgia man Eugene Ashley was fined $300 and sentenced to 2 months of probation after giving his 3 year old baby boy a tattoo on his shoulder in 2009 that read "DB" - short for Daddy's Boy.


Georgia Man Sentenced for Tattooing Toddler Son

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Picture of Baby Being Tattooed: Facts

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