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Pictures of a Luxurious, Fully Furnished Grave: Facts Pictures of a Luxurious, Fully Furnished Grave: Facts Hot

Pictures of a Luxurious, Fully Furnished Grave: Facts


A man is buried in a huge, fully furnished room.

Other Versions

1. Strange funeral - Complete bedroom! - Furniture and bar in crypt!

2. The Bulibasha (King) of the Romanian Gypsy Community died last week.

3. Gypsy funeral...

Hoax or Fact:

Fact with some missing information.


A set of three pictures doing rounds online since few years claim to show what appears like a large grave in the form of a luxurious bedroom fully furnished with modern conveniences like full size bed, mirror, clothing, women's footwear, make up set, flat-screen TV and alcoholic beverage among others. The pictures come with various stories, like it is the grave of a man, of a Romanian Gypsy King (Bulibasha), or that of a woman. Let us analyze which of the claims can be facts.

Various Sources

As mentioned above, the pictures are shared online with various stories attached to them. Back in July 2007, the three pictures appeared in an article on justelite.net website, which described it as a gypsy funeral, and that they decorate the tomb like a real room. No further information is given. On 2 August 2007, they appeared on a blog pufone.org, as showing the funeral of the Bulibasha (King) of the Romanian Gypsy Community who died the previous week. There are no credible reports of death of any noted Gypsy community king during that time, but again, some people self proclaim themselves as Kings. In Jan 2009, entertainment blog waleg.com published the same pictures saying it is the last wish of a rich Lebanese woman who wanted her bedroom to be moved down into her grave. We approached Waleg on Facebook to verify the authenticity of their claim, but they did not respond.

Burial Practices

There have been various Bed Burial customs around the world, starting from ancient times. In some cultures, dead people are buried with all their worldly pleasures for a next life, inside a replica of an actual dwelling. Gypsy is an ethnicity of Indian origin, living mostly in Europe and the Americas. The Romans believe in the supernatural, that life for the dead continues on another level. So they place all those things that will be useful to the deceased in the coffin, like clothing, tools, eating utensils, jewelry and money. Notably, some gypsies in Europe are so very rich that they wear kilos of gold in the form of chains, rings, bracelets and neckties -- they even get fully furnished graves when they die! The son of a baron in Moldova (in Eastern Europe) has reportedly confessed that he put a Volga car in his father's grave.

To Conclude

Not sure if it belongs to a man or woman, but the pictures show a Gypsy tomb/grave. From the objects seen in the grave, it appears like the grave can be that of a woman, also because we see a man sitting outside the grave (last picture in Image Gallery), perhaps feeling sad over her death. But again, we cannot be sure. If you happen to know any further details about these pictures, feel free to write us.

Some Misinterpretations

The luxurious, fancy grave pictures are so attractive that they are often used online with false attributions/misinterpretations like it is the grave of Gypsy King of Romania Florian Chioaba who died in August 2013, or that it is the 5 Star tomb of Lebanese singing legend Sabah who died in November 2014.


The Patrin Web Journal - Romani (Gypsy) Death Rituals and Customs

Image Gallery

Pictures of a Luxurious, Fully Furnished Grave: Facts
Pictures of a Luxurious, Fully Furnished Grave: Facts
Pictures of a Luxurious, Fully Furnished Grave: Facts

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