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Poison in Tide Detergent Samples - Facts Analysis Poison in Tide Detergent Samples - Facts Analysis Hot

Poison in Tide Detergent Samples - Facts Analysis

This is an important Announcement: CNN is reporting 7 people died opening Tide detergent samples. Tell all to disguard these samples if they come in your mailbox.


This is almost a decade old message that started to spread again. It has various versions, the Klingerman Virus scare being one.

IMPORTANT FWD: Anthrax poison in Tide detergent packs coming thru the mail do not open or use. 7 ppl dead already. Plz pass it on!!!

Hoax or Fact:


These messages are not true. They are simply hoaxes. No such incidents were reported in real, and no there is no legitimate news sources or scientific evidence to prove that the Tide detergent samples contain poisonous chemicals like Anthrax. In fact, CNN never reported any such issue.

The makers of Tide detergent, Procter & Gamble addressed these messages as rumors through their company message board:

"I work for the Tide brand, I can 100% confirm that the text message going around is not true. From time to time people do this kind of thing as a prank, unfortunately there is little we can do other than to share the fact that this is completely unfounded."
Mandy @ Tide, Official Rep

Therefore, these messages claiming tide detergent samples contain poisonous anthrax are simply hoaxes, to scare people and make pranks.

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