Video of Amazing Baseball Catch by a Ball Girl: Hoax


This is the most amazing thing ever: An amazing catch by a ball girl in baseball match.

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This is an amazing foul ball catch by a ball girl in a Triple ‘A’ baseball game between Fresno and Tacoma.


An interesting video seen online supposedly shows an unbelievable catch by a ball girl in the game of baseball, as she easily jumps about 10 feet high and climbs over the boundary wall to complete the catch. Although the catch looks amazingly real, it is not a fact, the video is a ‘digital make’, meant for promotional advertisement of the sports drink Gatorade.

This video on YouTube titled ‘Amazing Ball girl catch‘ was uploaded in 2008 and it became viral ever since. You can clearly see the ball girl is not even watching the ball as she runs to catch it before climbing about 10 feet over the boundary wall, and after completing the catch she behaves as if it is no big deal. You can also watch a bottle of Gatorade sports drink right next to the chair where the ball girl sits at the end of the ‘feat’. The promotional video advertisement for the sports drink Gatorade was created by the ad agency Element 79. The amazing catch viral video was directed by Baker Smith and edited by Paul Martinez, the ball girl being stuntwoman Phoenix Brown. The ad campaign director Smith has later disclosed  that they shot coverage of the baseball game on HD and later pieced it together with a ‘strings attached stunt’ to fabricate an unbelievable story.

Picture of Amazing Baseball Catch by a Ball Girl
Amazing Baseball Catch by a Ball Girl

Therefore, the video showing the ball girl amazingly catching the baseball is a hoax meant for the promotion of sports drink Gatorade. But interestingly, this ad was never released officially and no one claimed the responsibility of posting this video. Jill Kinney, a spokeswoman for Gatorade said that there was no mention of Gatorade in the video, although there was a bottle beside the chair where the ball girl sits at the end of the video. He told that they were not planning to release the ball girl video, and in fact, shortly after this video was completed, the campaign was shelved and Gatorade ended its association with the ad agency Element 79.

Hoax or Fact:


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Video of Amazing Baseball Catch by a Ball Girl: Hoax

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