Alien Humanoid Found During Excavation in Jodhpur, India: Facts


Alien humanoid was found underground.

The discovery took place in Bawadi, Jodhpur in Rajasthan (India) where the villagers were digging in the ground to find water. To the surprise found a small humanoid figure. The image went viral on social networks, the strange it seems creature half human and half reptile.

Other Versions

1. Alien Hybrid Creature Found During Excavation in Jodhpur, India.

2. Alien found in India | Strange creature Hybrid, 25th July 2015.


The story about the picture that went viral on Facebook and other social networking platforms claims to show a man holding an Alien Humanoid found during excavation in Jodhpur, India. According to various reports, the humanoid which had four fingers but no thumbs, was found by villagers digging a well in the village of Bawadi in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. Soon there were also videos about the ‘Alien’ story on YouTube.

Video grab suggesting Alien Humanoid Found During Excavation in Jodhpur, India
Video grab of Alien Humanoid Found During Excavation in Jodhpur, India


Firstly, the picture showing what is said as ‘Alien Humanoid’ appears genuine. Apart from the alien claims, there were also speculations that the strange creature could be half human-half reptilian.

Picture showing A Case of Anencephaly
A Case of Anencephaly
Picture suggesting possible case of Microcephaly or Anencephaly,
Possible case of Microcephaly or Anencephaly,

The Fact

Like listed in Related Stories section below, we have seen many Alien claims in past that were proved to be hoaxes. A close look at the photograph in question suggests it is in fact the body of a deformed/malformed human baby/fetus. We believe it is a case of Microcephaly or Anencephaly, as can be seen in picture above. While Microcephaly is a rare neurological condition in which an infant’s head is notably smaller, Anencephaly includes underdeveloped brain and an incomplete skull. In case of anencephaly, the baby can be stillborn or shall only survive for few hours/days after birth. It is possible that the baby may have been buried to hide evidence. So in any case, the picture stories claiming to show Alien hybrid creature found in Jodhpur of India are mere hoaxes.

Hoax or Fact:


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Alien Humanoid Found During Excavation in Jodhpur, India: Facts

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