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Picture about Animal Planet's Documentary Video, Mermaids, The Body Found
Animal Planet's Documentary Video, Mermaids, The Body Found


Animal Planet documentary shows mermaids exist.

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Animal Planet’s Mermaids: The body found paints a wildly convincing picture of the existence of Mermaids, what they may look like any why they’ve stayed hidden…until now.


Various documentary videos of Animal Planet are shown as an evidence to prove the existence of Mermaids. The videos also claim to show how the Mermaids really look like, and why they have stayed hidden until now. It is a fact that theses videos are documentaries made by Animal Planet, but they are not real, and are actually docu-fiction.

While several people thought these Animal Planet’s documentaries on existence of Mermaids could to be true, they all are part of their documentary fiction movie called ‘Mermaids: The Body Found‘, and was created for Animal Planet’s first-ever Monster Week, between May 21-28, 2012. The ‘scientist’ shown in the documentary video was actually an actor and the ‘mermaid’ was fake. The video above shows the complete two-hour special documentary on mermaids, at the end of which, it is mentioned that the documentary is a science fiction based on some real events and scientific theory, ‘imagining’ how these real-world phenomena may be related. The real events were:

  • In the early 1990s, the US Navy began a series of covert sonar tests, which were linked to mass die-offs of whales, which washed up on beaches throughout the world. For years, the Navy denied they were responsible for these beachings.
  • In 1997, scientists at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recorded a mysterious sound (called “The Bloop”) in the deep Pacific, which was thought to be organic in nature. It has never been identified.

For more details about making of this docu-fiction, you can read the related press release of Animal Planet from reference section below.

Interestingly, the Animal Planet’s Monster Week show again featured Mermaids in 2013 with a title called ‘Mermaids: The New Evidence‘, featuring another hoax video evidence of Mermaid. You can read more about it here. The show presented both these documentaries as if to provide sufficient evidence for the existence of mermaids. However, all this was only to promote interest of viewers. The show’s producers wanted people to think the videos were real, which is why they were made in a documentary-style.

So these video messages of Animal Planet claiming to show existence of Mermaids are stories of fiction and hoax. While some people welcomed these documentaries, others also criticized the channel for using deceptive marketing techniques. As far as the existence of Mermaids is concerned, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) still maintains that there is no evidence of any such aquatic humanoids.

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Mermaids: The Body Found
Press, Discovery – Mermaids: The Body Found

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