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Ghost Throwing Hookah Pipes in Empty Bar in Moscow: Facts Ghost Throwing Hookah Pipes in Empty Bar in Moscow: Facts Hot

Ghost Throwing Hookah Pipes in Empty Bar in Moscow: Facts


Ghost throwing hookah pipes in empty bar in Moscow.

Other Versions

1. 'Ghost' Caught on Camera Throwing Shisha Pipes in Deserted Bar.

2. Ghost caught on camera in a deserted Russian bar (video).

3. Poltergeist filmed throwing items in Pub.

Hoax or Fact:

Possibly Hoax.


A video in heavy circulation online with various stories claims to show a Poltergeist activity caught on CCTV camera of an empty deserted bar in Moscow, where the Ghost supposedly throws off hookah pipes, moves curtains and bumps chairs. The incident became popular after the visit of a group of local paranormal investigators who supposedly recorded strong spectral presence in the bar, but as analyzed in detail below, the paranormal claims are possibly hoaxes.

About the Video and Incident

In February 2016, a new video captured on a CCTV in a Moscow hookah bar surfaced online with the Poltergeist claim. A waiter of the Moscow bar identified as Vyacheslav talked about the strange incident to a local media saying he sometimes hears strange noises and knocking on the door when nobody is around, and that the lights go on and off for no reason. Seeing the video the owner of the bar apparently reached out to a group of local Russian ghost hunters known as "Laboratoriya Nepozannogo," which translates to the 'Lab of the Unknown'. The psychometric tests conducted by the paranormal investigators supposedly found powerful magnetic readings inside the bar, indicating a strong spectral presence (or bar spirits). They even blamed the waiter Vyacheslav, saying the poltergeist might be attracted to his "low spirit". The local police, however, are not so convinced, as one officer said: "It seems more likely there was a break in and that for some technical reason the perpetrators were not recorded."

Flaws in CCTV Footage Shown

Firstly, with many myths and legends about haunted places and ghosts, Moscow has the reputation as one of Europe’s most mysterious and strange cities. Logically speaking, as demonstrated in the second video, any such Poltergeist/Ghost video can be made by using invisible strings and then masking the video. In fact, few YouTube users who have been sharing such Poltergeist videos online have later revealed that they have staged and faked the incidents to earn money.

Coming to the current case, point of significance; the date and time display in the footage shown in the first video is removed from visible frame. It can be seen in the original footage shown in the third video at time frame 0:47 seconds, in a Television, when an official investigates the bar watching the CCTV footage in Television (screenshot in Image Gallery). A close look at the popular video of ghost activity in the Moscow bar reveals that the footage is not continuous, and the scene is relatively dull and unclear when compared to the original one seen in Television. All these flaws are indicative of possible video editing, also because the police mentioned some technical flaw of CCTV, discarding ghost activity. About the ghost hunters Laboratoriya Nepozannogo, we did not find much credible information about them online.

To Conclude

Considering the aforementioned facts and flaws, the claims that a Poltergeist ghost activity was filmed throwing items in a Moscow bar are possibly hoaxes. It is possible that the incident could have been staged by using invisible strings and/or video editing as described in the second video. The paranormal and the faked claims aside, the movement of the hookah pipe, chair and curtains in the bar might as well have a simple explanation - a strong wind coming from any nearby open window.

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Ghost Throwing Hookah Pipes in Empty Bar in Moscow: Facts
Ghost Throwing Hookah Pipes in Empty Bar in Moscow: Facts
Ghost Throwing Hookah Pipes in Empty Bar in Moscow: Facts
Ghost Throwing Hookah Pipes in Empty Bar in Moscow: Facts

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