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Holy Cow in India Born with Ram and Om Marks on Body: Facts Holy Cow in India Born with Ram and Om Marks on Body: Facts Hot

Holy Cow in India Born with Ram and Om Marks on Body: Facts


A Holy Cow in India is Born with Ram and Om Marks on its Body.

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नंदी की पीठ पर राम और ॐ .......

गढ़वा के अचला नावाडीह गाँव में भगवान शिव और राम का आगमन हुआ. साक्षात गौ माता के रुप में हुआ है आप देख सकते इस बछड़े के शरीर पर राम और ॐ लिखा हुआ है । साथ ही तीन पैर मे बेड़ी और माथे पर टिका स्पस्ट दिखाई दे रहा है । यह की बनावटी कला नही है सब प्रभु की माया है इस गोवत्स का जन्म महाशिवरात्री के दिन हुआ है ।

सुचना मिलते ही आस पास के लोगो का दर्शन के लिए लोगो का ताता लगा हुआ है । जय श्री राम । हर हर महादेव ।
आगे शेयर जरूर करे ..... वंदे गौ मातरम् ..!!

Hoax or Fact:

Possibly Hoax.


This unbelievable story that comes with few pictures has been shared widely through social networking sites, especially on Facebook. According to it, Lord Shiva and Ram have visited in the form of a Holy Cow in Nawadih village of Gadwa achala (Jharkhand), India. On the back of the Cow calf's (Nandi) body are - Om and Ram, along with markings on its three legs and teeka on forehead. It is said that the holy signs on Cow are not written by someone, that it was born with those marks. Let us analyze whether these claims are really facts.

On Facebook

The story was shared on a Facebook page of 'Gomata Gau Seva Trust' (Mother Cow Selfless Service Trust) on 23 Feb. 2015, with a link to their mobile version of Facebook. It was subsequently shared by other Facebook pages posting about Indian Culture and Hindu Community. The set of pictures of the Cow calf that come with the story also includes a Hindi newspaper report describing the unusual incident.

Newspaper Report

According to what appears like a piece of local, Hindi newspaper report, Nandlal Dhar Dubey's Cow gave birth to the calf on 17 February 2015, on the festive day of Maha Shivaratri. The report also mentions a marking on moustache area of the calf, and that once people came to learn about this unusual finding, many from neighborhood villages started visiting and worshipping the holy cow as a form of Lord Shiva (can be seen in one of the pictures in Image Gallery).

Apart from these claims, we did not find any credible news report validating that a cow calf was actually born with marks of Om and Ram on the back of its body. The local newspaper also reported that Nandlal Dhar Dubey did not notice the holy marks at the time of the cow's birth, and saw them couple of days later.

The Pictures

The pictures of the cow calf with marks of Om and Ram do look authentic, but a close examination of other pictures reveals that the marks may not be present at birth, and could have possibly be written (printed) by someone later. As you can see in the last picture of the cow calf where it is worshipped with flowers and others, the markings of Om and Ram on its body are far brighter than how they appear in other pictures, where they have faded and become lighter (as time passed). In India, Cow is considered Holy and worshipped as Divine Mother. So the current story is possibly hoax; it appears like a misinterpretation or a (bad) prank around the usual practice of worshipping mother cow as god.

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Holy Cow in India Born with Ram and Om Marks on Body: Facts
Holy Cow in India Born with Ram and Om Marks on Body: Facts
Holy Cow in India Born with Ram and Om Marks on Body: Facts

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