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Jesus Statue Opens its Eyes in a Mexico Church: Video - Hoax Jesus Statue Opens its Eyes in a Mexico Church: Video - Hoax Hot

Jesus Statue Opens its Eyes in a Mexico Church: Video - Hoax


Unbelievable! Jesus statue opens its eyes in Mexico, leaves believers shocked. 

Other Versions 

1. Jesus statue opens its eyes in eerie footage from inside a church. 

2. Believe it or Not, a Statue of Jesus Opened its Eyes in a Mexico Church! Is it a Miracle?

Hoax or Fact:



An eerie footage shared heavily online, also mentioned in some media outlets, allegedly shows a Jesus Statue Opening its Eyes inside a Church in Mexico. The 'Unbelievable' and 'Miraculous' incident has supposedly left some believers dumbfounded, so let us analyze the authenticity of the video, whether or not it is a fact.

About the Claim

The statue of Jesus seen in the video is located inside the Chapel of Saltillo in Mexico's state of Coahuila de Zaragoza, and the spooky opening of eyes is said to have happened in June 2016, during the Church Service. The miraculous footage was also mentioned in some news outlets like Mirror (, and the story quickly went viral online. It is said that the spooky clip of Jesus statue opening its eyes has left priests and paranormal investigators baffled, and that the investigators claimed the clip has not been doctored.

Origin of Story & Actual Facts

The footage appears to have been captured on a mobile camera from a person inside the Church in Mexico. Regardless of the widely publicized claim, the story in fact originated from a video from Spanish YouTube channel called 'Adimensional Paranormal,' published on 3 August 2016 with a title that roughly translates to 'Holy Christ opens the eyes (Video Paranormal)'. But notably, as per the YouTube channel description of Adimensional Paranormal, they publish 'Videos of Ghosts, UFO and Mysteries (translated),' and most of their videos including the one in question are listed in 'Entertainment' category. At the beginning of the video (second one in this article), the channel also mentions (in Spanish) that they do not represent or disapprove the veracity of the video that only belongs to the 'author' who submitted it.

A close observation at the way the video is shot also raises questions about its authenticity. The camera spans at the Jesus statue when it is pretty normal, with eyes closed (as if the person already knows something is going to happen there). And then you see the scary thing of what appears like Jesus opening and closing his eyes for brief moment. Again, when you look closely, you can notice the 'blurry effect' around the eyes region in the footage as the Jesus statue is shown opening and closing its eyes. Moreover, like the news outlets mentioned, authorities under the Diocese of Saltillo in Mexico dismissed the footage of Jesus statue opening eyes and even refused to watch it.

So all the aforementioned flaws and lack of any credibility to the miraculous claim clearly suggests that the footage showing Jesus statue opening its eyes in a Church of Mexico is a hoax; the video of statue is certainly edited.

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Jesus Statue Opens its Eyes in a Mexico Church: Video - Hoax
Jesus Statue Opens its Eyes in a Mexico Church: Video - Hoax

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