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Video of 'Ghost' Ship or Jesus Spotted on Lake Superior: Facts Video of 'Ghost' Ship or Jesus Spotted on Lake Superior: Facts Hot

Video of 'Ghost' Ship or Jesus Spotted on Lake Superior: Facts


A Ghost Ship Appears on Lake Superior.

Other Versions

IT'S A MIRACLE! Shock video shows 'Jesus walking on water' at Lake Superior.

Hoax or Fact:



A YouTube video creating abuzz online is associated with paranormal claims like showing a Ghost Ship on Lake Superior, or that Jesus Christ is walking on the waters. Although the claims of mysterious appearance are also reported in some news outlets, it does not show any ghost ship sailing or Jesus walking on water at Lake Superior.

Origin of Claim

On 10 Oct. 2016 YouTube user Jason Asselin published a one-minute video that shows the appearance of hazy blur figure in Michigan's Lake Superior, which is described as a Ghost Ship. Part of the video description is given below:

Saturday evening far off coast from Marquette, Michigan appeared this mysterious ship that had to be gigantic! Almost as if a ghost ship was showing itself to the world.. Even if it was a ship, what could be that tall in these choppy waves?

As the video went viral online other mysterious claims were attached to the appearance, like Jesus walking on water, or an otherworldly UFO (Unidentified Floating Object).


According to the complete description of the video posted in Entertainment category, Jason and recording artist Kevin B. Klein toured the U.P. of Michigan seeing the fall colors and filming his new music video for a song. Notably, the actual two-and-half minute unedited recording (second video in this article) of the scene does not show any ship-like appearance moving, or Jesus walking on the Lake Superior waters. The haze effect appears to indicate a very distant object, perhaps a Fata Morgana (mirage), which is a common optical illusion that occurs when rays of light bend as they pass through different density media, like air of different temperatures as in a heat haze. One such case occurred earlier in late 2015, when a short video claimed to show what is popularly called as the Parallel Universe, or a mysterious city floating in the clouds over Foshan Guangdong, China.

In the current case, as can be seen in the second unedited video, the weather conditions of wind, rainbow and clouds during sunset can possible create a Fata Morgana (mirage) of any distant object(s). An article on CBS Detroit website that reported the story mentioned one possible explanation associating the mirage to a Lighthouse & Tower on Marquette Granite Island, about nine miles north of the location. See pictures of the lighthouse & tower in Image Gallery, they do seem to imply the scale of the hazy appearance in the video.

So the video in question does not show any ghost ship, UFO or Jesus walking on Lake Superior waters, the hazy blur appearance is possibly a mirage formation of distant object(s).

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Video of 'Ghost' Ship or Jesus Spotted on Lake Superior: Facts
Video of 'Ghost' Ship or Jesus Spotted on Lake Superior: Facts
Video of 'Ghost' Ship or Jesus Spotted on Lake Superior: Facts

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