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Video of Mysterious Flying Humans in Nellore District: Facts Video of Mysterious Flying Humans in Nellore District: Facts Hot

Video of Mysterious Flying Humans in Nellore District: Facts


Exclusive Visual: Mysterious Flying Humans in Nellore district.

Other Versions

1. Aliens Flying in Nellore District Andhra Pradesh.

2. 'Flying Humans' scare locals in Nellore district.

3. Two angles flying in sky Nellore.

4. Angels landing on a house caught on tape in Nellore city, India.

5. Watch angels landing on houses in Nellore in INDIA.

Hoax or Fact:



A video in heavy circulation online, especially through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and also WhatsApp claims to show an exclusive visual where couple of mysterious flying creatures were spotted in skies of Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh state of India. Couple of regional news channels (like the one shown in first video) also reported that the Nellore people are fearing to come out of their homes at night times after seeing the amazing stunts of the weird bird-like creatures that appear like mysterious flying humans, angels, aliens, or ghosts falling from skies. But for the matter of fact, the flying creatures seen in the video are not real.

Another Video

There's another video in circulation (second one in this article) that seems to show latest mysterious flying humans landing on houses in Nellore district.

Old Videos

The two videos showing mysterious flying creatures have become popular online in early 2015, but in actuality, they are old ones. Both the videos originated from YouTube channel of Jessen Carlos where they were uploaded in early 2014. The first clip can be seen in the complete video shown as third one in this article, and the second one, in original, can be seen here.

Not Real

As it is evident, a part clip from the original video is taken, edited and shown as mysterious flying humans in first case. Both the videos, originally titled as 'Angels shot in Heaven' (translated) are in fact animated, special effects created by the artist Jessen Carlos who has been uploading many such supernatural videos in his YouTube channel.

About Locals Sighting

Officials from animal department have said that the people in Nellore talking about the mysterious flying humans/angels might have seen some new type of Eagle birds that could have migrated from other countries.

So the claims that people in Nellore district have seen some mysterious flying humans/angels falling from skies are hoaxes.

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Video of Mysterious Flying Humans in Nellore District: Facts
Video of Mysterious Flying Humans in Nellore District: Facts

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