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Dead Mermaid at Balambangan Island - Video - Facts Analysis Dead Mermaid at Balambangan Island - Video - Facts Analysis Hot

Dead Mermaid at Balambangan Island - Video - Facts Analysis

This widely circulating video shows a dead mermaid in the shores of Balambangan island, claiming it to be a real mermaid that died as a result of hurricane. Another videos of YouTube claims existence of mermaids.


Hoax or Fact:



The video clip claiming to be that of a real, dead mermaid in Balambangan island started spreading long back. The island is close to Kudat district, north of Sabah, Malaysia. The Kudat police started their investigation as and when they heard about this incident. But eventually, they could not find any evidence or dead body proving the existence of a dead mermaid on the shore of Balambangan island. Further, no such incident was reported officially, either by the villagers or the resorts close by. The police explain that the videos showing dead mermaid are simply a baseless hoaxes and should not be believed.

“There was no such thing; neither had any body been washed ashore. It is a hoax, someone is playing the fool” explained Dawi Ossen, the chief Deputy Supt, Kudat.

The second of TouTube mermaid videos shows various pictures of creatures claiming the existence of mermaids. However, they are not pictures of real mermaids either. Most of those mermaids photos are created sculptures, some of which are even sold online. But mermaid syndrome is one significant reference to note here. It is a very rare disease, where children are born with their legs attached to each other, giving them a mermaid look.

Dead Mermaid at Balambangan Island is hoax
Mermaid Syndrome

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