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Ebola Vaccinations Containing RFID Chips: Facts Ebola Vaccinations Containing RFID Chips: Facts Hot

Ebola Vaccinations Containing RFID Chips: Facts


CDC Whistleblower Exposes Ebola Vaccinations Containing RFID Chips.

Other Versions

CDC whistleblower Brent Hopskins revealed that all doses of the Ebola vaccine contain an RFID chip.

Hoax or Fact:



These stories doing rounds online warn people saying a CDC whistleblower Brent Hopskins has revealed that all doses of the Ebola Vaccine contain an RFID chip. Let us see if the claim is hoax or fact.

The claim that a CDC whistleblower exposed Ebola vaccinations containing RFID Chips originated from a news-like report published in website on 17 Oct. 2014. The article mentions a Brent Hopskins as an ex-CDC (Center for Disease Control) contractor to have revealed the US government plans to use the impending US Ebola pandemic as an opportunity to implant RFID chips in American citizens.

The story became popular as links and excerpts from the National Report article were shared by many people online, especially through social media. However, the fact of the matter is that National Report is a fake news website that publishes fabricated, satire stories. Shown in Related Stories section below are some examples. The website even had a disclaimer earlier (removed now) that said the views expressed by writers on their website are personal and the advice given is not to be construed as professional.

Various conspiracy stories about the US government trying to implant RFID tracking chips into its citizens have been around for a while now. However, the stories saying Ebola vaccinations contain RFID Chips are certainly hoax.

Sharing hoax stories like this amidst the current Ebola outbreak in West African countries can do more harm than good, also causing fear among general public. This is more so, because as of this writing, the treatment and vaccines used for Ebola are considered "experimental" and not yet approved for broad use.

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Ebola Vaccinations Containing RFID Chips: Facts

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