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Extreme Sheep LED Art Video - Facts Extreme Sheep LED Art Video - Facts Hot

Extreme Sheep LED Art Video - Facts


This Video of extreme sheep LED art is astonishing.

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We took to the hills of Wales armed to the teeth with sheep, LEDs and a camera, to create a huge amazing LED display. Of sorts.

Hoax or Fact:



This is a video that has been circulating from few years now, and shows a group of Welsh sheep farmers making an astonishing video that appears to show how amazingly sheep are herded across a hillside - as in a game of computer ping pong.

The so called creators and uploaders of the video, "BaaaStuds" has only this video in their YouTube channel and do not have any description of their company/group either. The description of the video on YouTube says that they wanted to create a huge, amazing and different kind of LED display. It is interesting to note, the description also has this sentence at end - 'For more info search for samsung LED TV or visit'.

Initially, it was said that "BaaaStuds", a group of men were contracted by Samsung, and they went to the hills of Wales to create this amazing and interesting LED display with sheep. It was said that the extensive work of glowing sheep art shown in the video was made by speeding up the footage. That's not the case however!

The extreme sheep LED art video is a viral marketing advertisement created to promote Samsung LED TV line. Samsung TV makers recruited Welsh national sheep herding champion Gerry Lewis, and a team of Welsh sheep herders to guide the sheep flocks into position. The Viral Factory, the ad agency that made this video for Samsung admitted that computer trickery was also used in this process. Matt Smith, the co-founder of ad agency pointed saying, "We thought the Mona Lisa was the big wink to people – once they saw that we thought they would realise it was not all real." On their website, the Viral Factory clearly mentioned that the video was a teaser campaign for the launch of a new generation LED TVs of Samsung Electronics.

So this silly and joyful video that many believed could be real was basically a viral marketing video for Samsung LED TV line, computer trickery and post production work is what made it so. Companies coming up with catchy videos like this to promote their brands/products is not new anymore. Earlier, Nissan did the same, with the video of a plane landing on pickup truck, and Cardo Wireless, a US-based Bluetooth technology company came up with video showing that Cell phones can be used to Pop Corn. More recently, KillaThrill, a German fashion design company came up with the video of the best air race pilot ever.


Extreme Sheep Art (VIDEO)
Welsh sheep video is internet sensation
Extreme Sheep LED Art

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Extreme Sheep LED Art Video - Facts
Extreme Sheep LED Art Video - Facts
Extreme Sheep LED Art Video - Facts
Extreme Sheep LED Art Video - Facts

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