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Ghost Caught in Disneyland Security Cameras: Facts Ghost Caught in Disneyland Security Cameras: Facts Hot

Ghost Caught in Disneyland Security Cameras: Facts


Ghost Caught in Disneyland Security Cameras.

Other Versions

1. Ghost hangs around Disneyland : videos

2. Ghost Caught On Tape in Disneyland video

3. Disneyland Security Cameras Caught Something Strange and Slightly Terrifying On Film

4. Surveillance Video Catches Ghost Walking Around Disneyland After Hours

Hoax or Fact:



Various stories circulating online since few years claim to show that security cameras in Disneyland have caught a Ghost hanging/walking around the park after hours. As shown in the first video and marked in the pictures in Image Gallery, the 'ghost' in question is a strange, feeble appearance, the authenticity of which we will be analyzing below.

Ghost At Disneyland

The footage source of what looks like a wandering 'ghost' is a 2009 YouTube video, said be from Disneyland surveillance cameras. These claims of ghost gained momentum also because of long time rumors that the co-founder of The Walt Disney Company, Walter Elias Disney was cryonically frozen, and that his corpse was buried in Disneyland itself.

The YouTube Channel

Interestingly, the YouTube channel also bears the name "ghostatdisneyland," it does not have any about information and only has 3 related videos as of this writing. One of them (the second video in this article) claims to show maintenance camera footage showing a real ghost in Tower of Terror. However, the man's not so disturbed reaction to the so called paranormal ghost actions is suggestive of the fact that what is said is not true. In fact, the Tower of Terror refers to The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, an accelerated drop tower dark ride located at few Disney's locations. These Disney attractions are based upon Rod Serling's CBS television anthology (fiction-related) series, The Twilight Zone. The other video in the channel (third one in this article) claims to show a Ghost riding Space Mountain, where the so called ghost is again hardly visible in the video that is uploaded in "Film & Animation" category.

Coming to the current video -- uploaded in 'Entertainment' category, it appears more like a feeble lighting or the result (or editing) of some old, re-used surveillance tapes. Something that snaps away from screen at the end of the (first) video, which is also claimed as ghost in some stories, looks like some kind of flying object or human interference.

In short, the videos do not show any real ghost caught in Disneyland, those claims are mere hoaxes. In Related Stories section below, you can find similar hoax stories based on 'ghost' actions.

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The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Image Gallery

Ghost Caught in Disneyland Security Cameras: Facts
Ghost Caught in Disneyland Security Cameras: Facts

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