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Giant Antarctic Sea Spider: Hoax Giant Antarctic Sea Spider: Hoax Hot

Giant Antarctic Sea Spider: Hoax


Scientists recently discovered the body of a giant sea spider like organism in antarctic waters. The origin of this species is unknown, and it is unclear whether or not there are more of these terrifying creatures roaming the oceans.

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Photo of Giant Antarctic Sea Spider.

Hoax or Fact:



Few pictures shared online since at least 2013, especially via. Facebook, show what is described as a newly discovered Giant type of Sea Spider in Antarctic waters. It is also said that scientists are not sure about the origin of the spider species and whether or not there are more such terrifying creatures inhabiting the oceans. The story is a hoax, thankfully.

What looks like a giant spider with a long tail (or back) portion is in fact a prop called "Queen Facehugger" (also known as the Royal Facehugger or Super Facehugger) created and filmed for the movie Alien 3 that did not make it to the big screen (see 4th picture in Image Gallery). You can see some of the related pictures involved in the shooting of the film Alien 3 here.

The hoax story perhaps surfaced after scientists discovered many giant sea creatures in Antarctic waters in early 2008, which also included a 9.8-inch-long giant sea spider shown in Image Gallery (last one). Clearly, the bright red color spider does not resemble the unrealistic 'giant Antarctic spider'. Spiders scare many people, so hoax stories like listed below in Related Stories section surface online every now and then.

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Image Gallery

Giant Antarctic Sea Spider: Hoax
Giant Antarctic Sea Spider: Hoax
Giant Antarctic Sea Spider: Hoax
Giant Antarctic Sea Spider: Hoax

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