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Hybrid Banana Kiwi Fruit Video: Hoax Hybrid Banana Kiwi Fruit Video: Hoax Hot

Hybrid Banana Kiwi Fruit Video: Hoax


Banana Kiwi fruit

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Hybrid Kiwi Banana fruit.
Its awesome how Hybrid fruits take place in real.

Banana Kiwi fruit

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Posted by Foods Around on Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hoax or Fact:



A video in circulation online claims to show an interesting way to create and grow a Hybrid Kiwi Banana fruit by planting the end pieces of a banana and kiwi together inside a pot and then watering it for about three weeks. It is shown that by doing so, a full hybrid banana kiwi fruit can be grown underneath the soil. The claims, however, are not facts.

The video in question doing rounds online since about two years supposedly shows the 'Grafting' gardening technique to create the hybrid kiwi banana fruit. It became popular lately from a Facebook post of Foods Around on 13 March 2016 that garnered millions of shares within few days. What is shown is actually a part of a video that was shared on YouTube by Kin Community back on 1 April 2014, i.e. April Fools Day. As you can see in that second video, titled 'Robert's Fruit & Vegetable Container Garden,' it claims to show simple Do It Yourself (DIY) techniques to recycle the scraps from fruits and vegetables to recreate a home container garden. But the disclosure comes at the end of the video, when you can see the presenter Robert Mahar saying:

Thank you so much for watching. I want to wish you a very happy April fool’s day. And join me next time for an actual DIY.

The same thing has been hinted at the end of the video description given below:

New fruit hybrids are often a hit and miss process of experimentation and results are not guaranteed. However, if you are able to successfully grow the beautiful banana and kiwi combination demonstrated in this video, we recommend you proceed directly to your corner market and purchase a lottery ticket. Wishing you a very happy April Fool's Day!

So the claim in the video showing a DIY 'grafting' technique to create and grow a hybrid banana kiwi fruit at home is a hoax, and is simply an old April Fools Day prank. Now you can understand why the presenter hides the banana carefully with his hand before 'cutting' and showing the so called hybrid banana kiwi fruit.

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Hybrid Banana Kiwi Fruit Video: Hoax
Hybrid Banana Kiwi Fruit Video: Hoax
Hybrid Banana Kiwi Fruit Video: Hoax
Hybrid Banana Kiwi Fruit Video: Hoax

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