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Look at the size of this thing! Look at the size of this thing! Hot

Look at the size of this thing!

This picture was circulating widely via emails and social networks. The picture shows a very, very large snake spotted beside a highway near Delray, Florida. It is believed to be a king brown snake.

The picture titled 'Look at the size of this thing' started circulating after it was first shared on reddit, 9 months ago.

Hoax or Fact:


The picture first shared on reddit says that it is a very large, poisonous king brown snake, found beside a roadway in Branxton, New South Wales, Australia. Couple of months later, it was said that the picture was taken on Morganza Spillway near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the latest messages claim that the large snake was spotted in Delray, Florida.

All these messages were proven as hoax by one of the member of The picture in these messages is not a real snake, it is just a large sculpture located beside a highway in Alstonville, New South Wales, south of Branxton. Below is the original picture of the sculpture that clearly shows that is not real. The hoax photograph was taken from a different angle to make it look real.

Original source on Reddit
Reddit declares it hoax
King brown snakes

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Look at the size of this thing!

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