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Mermaid Skeleton Found in Bulgaria - Hoax Analysis Mermaid Skeleton Found in Bulgaria - Hoax Analysis Hot

Mermaid Skeleton Found in Bulgaria - Hoax Analysis


Ancient Mermaid Skeleton Unearthed in Bulgaria? 

Ancient skeleton of a mermaid before the Flood 8 millenniums ago was found near Sozopol Beach by Professor Dimitrov. This "news" blew prostarnstvoto Internet. Zevzecite comment that vampires after Dimitrov's time to start dealing with mermaids, writes Novinar.

The photo first appeared on the wall of a journalist Petar Genchev Facebook, but minutes after it is shared by dozens of others, impressed by the impressive growth of the former female fish.

Other Versions 

A Mermaid skeleton unearthed near Black Sea in Bulgaria. 

Hoax or Fact:



The messages come with a picture showing a man posing next to a skeleton which is claimed to be of a mermaid unearthed in Bulgaria. Although the skeleton somewhat appears like a mermaid for its tail part, the picture is not genuine. This story of mermaid skeleton is a hoax.

The story is a fabrication around a manipulated picture of a normal human skeleton. The claimed mermaid skeleton (without the man) is in fact an entry on, a website that conducts photo effects contest. It was listed under the category of Archaeological Anomalies and backed 6th place. Looks like, some prankster could have taken this manipulated picture of skeleton, added a man to it and then fabricated a story that it is a mermaid skeleton found in Bulgaria. Refer to the pictures in image section below, you will see the normal human skeleton as well. Therefore, it is not a mermaid skeleton, the story is simply a hoax creation.

Note that this is not the first time that an image from Worth1000 photo effects contest has been fabricated as real. There were stories of Giant Skeleton Pictures as well from here.


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Mermaid Skeleton Found in Bulgaria - Hoax Analysis
Mermaid Skeleton Found in Bulgaria - Hoax Analysis

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