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Mr. Bean's Daughter Gorgeous Mr. Bean's Daughter Gorgeous Hot

Mr. Bean's Daughter Gorgeous


Hey! She is Mr. Bean's daughter!!! Can you believe it?! She is Gemma Atkinson, Gorgeous.

Other versions:

Subject: Guess who her farther is??

Guess who her father is .......

This could almost destroy your belief in hereditary theory?
Guess who her father is ......
Personally I would be seeking a DNA test!! 

Hoax or Fact:


These series of pictures have been spreading with messages in several variants, claiming that the young and attractive woman shown is Gemma Atkinson, the daughter of Rowan Atkinson, who is better known for his humor character as 'Mr. Bean'. However, these messages are hoaxes.

Mr. Bean does have a daughter with his Indian origin wife Sunetra Sastry, but her name is Lily Atkinson, not Gemma Atkinson. He also has a son named Benjamin Atkinson. The last two pictures in image section show Lily Atkinson, the real daughter of Mr. Bean, along with her parents. You can see them posing in a movie premiere event here.

The woman shown in the messages above is indeed Gemma Atkinson, not the daughter of Mr. Bean, but a UK based English actress, television personality and glamour model, and her father name is David, who died of heart attack when she was 17. You can find more about her from her website in reference section. As their names suggest, the same last name could have been the reason behind this mistake and hoax messages.

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Mr. Bean's Daughter Gorgeous
Mr. Bean's Daughter Gorgeous
Mr. Bean's Daughter Gorgeous
Mr. Bean's Daughter Gorgeous

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