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Video of Surfer Towed by Great White Shark: Facts Video of Surfer Towed by Great White Shark: Facts Hot

Video of Surfer Towed by Great White Shark: Facts


Surfer is towed by Great White shark: video.

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1. Shark Surfer video.

2. Surfing With a Great White Shark.


Hoax or Fact:



A video that keeps surfacing online purports to show a Surfer being Towed by a Great White Shark in Sea towards the shore; after he hurls chunks of bloodied meat to entice the shark. While many people thought the footage could be real, some questioned its genuinity. So let us analyze whether or not what is shown in the video is a fact.

About the Video & Claims

The shark surfer video in question has been popular online since at least 2008 and was also mentioned in some news articles earlier. A 2009 article on The Sun website mentioned that the unbelievable moment on video was accidentally captured by Snapper Kem McNair from the shore at Florida's New Smyrna beach in the United States, when he spotted the surfer paddling around with a fishing rod. It is said that the 25-year-old unidentified pro-surfer threw chunks of bloodied meat and spotted the 4ft dorsal fin (later suggested as Great White Shark) emerging from the deep sea waters, which towed him towards the shore, before disappearing back into the abyss.

It's Advertising Campaign

The YouTube video posted by user 'sdalagelli' in May 2008 under 'sports' category represents the website which features banned, funny and controversial commercials, and viral campaigns among others. Towards the end of the shark surfer video you can see the display of logo 'Notorious'. The original video on YouTube titled 'Shark surfer' was uploaded by a user with screen name “Notorious415” in April 2008, again under 'sports' category. It comes with a description saying the guy was filmed surfing behind a great white shark, and more importantly, has a link to the Arnette sunglasses website The YouTube channel also featured two other 'unbelievable' videos one titled 'Skateboard sky loop landed' and another 'MotoGP foot chase,' which are all in fact part of advertising campaign for 'Notorious' line of Arnette sunglasses. The shark surfer ad campaign was directed by Benzo Theodore and stars pro surfer Jon Lalanne.

So the claims that the surfer seen in the video was towed by a great white shark are hoaxes. The surfer could have been towed by a boat that is not visible on screen, and the 'dorsal fins' might not belong to a whale as such.

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Video of Surfer Towed by Great White Shark: Facts
Video of Surfer Towed by Great White Shark: Facts
Video of Surfer Towed by Great White Shark: Facts

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