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Hoaxes and facts related to Scams category.

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Ranjana Agrawal, the X-ray Eyed Girl who can See Blindfolded - Facts Analysis
Story: Fourteen year old Ranjana Agarwal is a human X-ray machine who has the ability to see blindfolded, she had been granted a government award certifying that she can see blindfolded.
Taylor Swift's Sex Tape Leaked Scam
Story: A sex tape starring Taylor Swift is exposed over Internet.  Other Versions Taylor Swift's iPhone Hacked - Sex Tape Leaked!  The famous singer Taylor Swift had her iPhone hacked Monday and a sex tape between her and former boyfriend Harry Styles has been leaked on the internet. Taylor's publicists are trying to take down all of the websites hosting it, but we found a working one! Watch the video before it's taken down! Click here to watch the video. 
Beware of Fake Water Bottles in Airports - Can contain Drugs
Story: At Airport, Never Help Anybody By Holding Even For A Short Time, His Or Her Water Bottle Or Anything else. This warning has come from an officer (a close friend) working at the airport. If you happen to buy a water bottle at the airport, please check the bottle. Beware of fake water bottles. Be careful !!!! At the airport or close to any customs service, never accept or help somebody to hold his/her bottle of water or other objects, even for an elderly person or a pregnant woman, You could be arrested for cocaine or illegal drugs...
Facebook Red Color Profile Scam
Story: Facebook Red Click special link in the comment below XXXXX Change Your Color Now ----> Check It Out Here: < Link >   Other Versions  1. Woow now change your Facebook themes at  Hurry up fast :) 2. Email: Get the Colored Facebook Now!  Change your Facebook color by downloading and following the instructions in the attached text file.
Facebook Profile Viewers App Scam
Story: Facebook Recent Profile Views: Name 1 16 min ago Name 2 21 min ago Name 3 16 min ago Name 4 18 min ago Name 5 20 min ago 54 Views Today I Just Got My Profile Viewers Click here -> Link Other Versions 1. Welcome xxxxx, Your Recent Profile Stalkers Are Below (X New Stalkers) Name 1 Name...
Facebook and Walmart $1000 Christmas Gift Card Invitation Scam
Story: Hey friends, I got a $1000 Gift Card from WALMART as a Christmas Gift! Get it right away! -> (Link)   
Apple Giving away Free iPhone - Hoax Analysis
Story: WOOWW,,Apple Giving away free iphone at Get Yours fast :) Other Versions  Apple Giving Away Free Iphone Celebrating Iphone 5 Success (link)More than 600 iphones left for free give away, Hurry up   
Readers Digest Sweepstakes Email - Hoax Analysis
Story: It's Official xxxxx, You Made It! Reader's Digest Imminent Prize Opportunity Notice Potential Finalist To Win Rs.38,00,000 In The Third And Last Stage Of The Reader's Digest Rupees One Crore Sweepstakes. Dear xxxxx, An Official Access Code will be issued shortly to you that allows you to activate Four Sweepstakes Numbers held on reserve for you. If you're lucky and any your entries is drawn winner, you have sole claim to a cash amount worth Rs.38,00,000!You may be surprised to know that not everyone in India will have this easy chance of...
Who Views your Facebook Profile - Facts Analysis
Story: Messages circulating on Facebook claim that a Facebook user can follow the link mentioned to see everyone who views his or her profile.  
Undertaker of World Wrestling Entertainment Died in a Neck Injury - Facts Analysis
Story: The Undertaker of World Wrestling Entertainment died in a neck injury while practicing a wrestling stunt with WWE co - star John Cena. Police are now investigating. Watch the practice video and their effort to save The Undertaker. (for 18yrs & above) -- Latest versions of the story using other links like and Other Versions John Cena (John Felix Anthony Cena) of World Wrestling Entertainment died in a head injury while perfecting a wrestling stunt with WWE wrestler, Dwayne Johnson or also known as...
48 results - showing 21 - 30 1 2 3 4 5

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