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Hoaxes and facts related to Scams category.

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Facebook New Emotions/Smileys Try at least One Time: Facts
Story:  Check Facebook new emotions/ smileys try at least one time and for hot chat contact me +92 303 9047276 1. Copy all the code here ~> Go back to www.fb.com3. Press Ctrl+Shift+J or (F12) if you are using Google Chrome---Press Ctrl+Shift+K if you are using Mozilla Firefox4. Click Console5.refresh window with (F5)5. Paste all the code on the console box6. Press Enter And See & Enjoycheck for more detail contact my number +92 303 9047276
BBC One National Lottery Scam Email
Story: Sub: 1 GOOD NEWS 2014!GOOD NEWS!! Your Email Have Been Awarded the Sum of 500,000.00 GBP IN THE BBC ONE National Lottery with the Winning No: 11 12 26 30 33 40, Bonus No: 43 Draw No: 1818. SEND THE BELOW DETAILS IMMEDIATELY FOR CLAIM TO: bbc_company[@]usa.com1. NAME IN FULL: 2. MOBILE NUMBER:3. ADDRESS:4. OCCUPATION:5. AGE: 6: SEX:7. BANK NAME:8. ACCOUNT NUMBER:9. STATE: 10. COUNTRY:Please Visit: for further informationDirector: Mr. Nick HarrisTelephone: Tel: +447017030595Email: bbc_company[@]usa.comBBC © 2013 the BBC ONE Other Versions Sub: CONGRATULATION!!OPEN THE ATTACHMENT FILE,...
iPad 2 Give Away Hoax for Sharing Photo and Liking Facebook Page
Story: Lakshmi Menon:: I have got 193 pieces of iPad 2 that can’t be sold because they have been unsealed. Therefore we are giving them away for free. Want one of them? Just Share this photo & Like our page and we will choose 193 people completely at random on 4th of October and winners will be posted here. Good luck!
Update Your Apple Account Phishing Scam
Story: Dear Apple Customer, To get back into your apple account, you'll need to confirm your account. It's easy: Click the link below to open a secure browser window. Confirm that you're the owner of the account and then follow the instructions. < Link > Before log in your account will be Confirmed, let us know right away.Reporting it is important because it helps us prevent fraudsters from stealing your information.Yours sincerely, apple. Thanks,The Apple Team Please do not reply to this...
Get Free Starbucks Coffee Gift Card Scam on Facebook
Story: Receive a FREE Starbucks Coffee Gift Card Today! This offer will expire Wednesday, November 16th, or when the remaining 231 gift cards have propecia online been given out! Step 1: You must click the share button: Step 2: Type, I love Starbucks coffee! into the comments below Tip: You may need to click "Add comment" first in order to add the comment! Other Versions 1. Starbucks is currently giving away $100 gift cards. Get FREE Starbucks...
Press Like, Comment and/or Share to See the Magic - Facebook Scam
Story: First press “Like” Write “5″ and see what happens Other Versions 1. Comment 5 below Share the pic and see the magic 2. Type 'Red' in the comment and see WHAT Changes! 3. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 If you were unable to find the mistake above Click “share” to see the answer! 4. “Press “LIKE” in 3 secs to see what happens!” ...
Google 15 Years Anniversary Awards Email Scam
Story: Google 15th Anniversary Awards Centre, XXXXX Dear Email Owner, Award Reference Number: XXXXX File Number: GOOGLEXXXXX This is to inform you that you have clomid online won yourself an Award of (GBP 800,000,00) Eight Hundred Thousands British Pounds in Google 15 Years Anniversary Awards as organized by the Anniversary Center of Google Inc. held in LONDON UNITED KINGDOM The Anniversary Center of Google Inc selected your email ID as one of its 20 chose fortunate winner to receive this award/ ...
Test and Keep an iPad for Free - Scam
Story:  Test and Keep an iPad Free  Other Versions  Free iPad Test and Keep - Get your own iPad Free 
She Did This Publicly in her High School - Facebook Scam
Story:  Video - [SHOCK] At 17, she did THIS in public high school, EVERY day! Outrageous? [LINK]  Is it normal to let her do that? In PUBLIC and such!  Other Versions  Video - [WHAT!!] At a only the 16, she did all this So publicly in her local school while drunk, [LINK] HOW UNBELIEVABLE!!! 
Eminem Stabbed 4 Times, Left for Dead in New York - Hoax
Story: Eminem was stabbed four times and left for dead in New York City. Other Versions 1. Eminem in hospital for being stabbed 4 times. 2. [VIDEO] - Eminem Near Death After Being Stabbed 4 Times!happened late last night outside of a Houston night club! we wish marshal a speedy recovery! 3. Video - Eminem Near Death After Being Stabbed By Crazed Fan In Australia!To Watch this Daring Video go here: <Link> 4. Rapper "Eminem" Dies in Car Accident....
58 results - showing 21 - 30 1 2 3 4 5 6

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