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Facebook Red Color Profile Scam Facebook Red Color Profile Scam Hot

Facebook Red Color Profile Scam


Facebook Red
Click special link in the comment below

XXXXX Change Your Color Now ----> Check It Out Here: < Link >  

Other Versions 

1. Woow now change your Facebook themes at 

Hurry up fast :)

2. Email: Get the Colored Facebook Now! 

Change your Facebook color by downloading and following the instructions in the attached text file.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax, and a Scam.


The picture message posted on Facebook timeline tags the users and claims to change your Facebook profile color to Red. This is not a fact, the message is simply a misleading scam that directs people to other promotional sites with adult content.

The Facebook scam comes with a catchy picture of Facebook Red color profile along with the logo, and has a message that asks to click a special link mentioned in the comment section below. As mentioned, the scammer tries to convince the user with a comment followed by Tumblr link claiming to change your Facebook profile color to Red. However, users who clicked on the link were redirected to other promotional websites with adult content not suitable for general viewing. Similar scam messages have also been circulating, claiming to change your Facebook theme to black and 360 other colors and more. The scammers try to convince the users with attractive Facebook colors.They too have a link in the comment section that will mislead you to surveys and other offers. See pictures in the image section below. Beware of them! Facebook does not allow any profile color change officially. Any message or app claiming to change your Facebook profile color or theme like this is simply a misleading attempt of scam, virus or hack.

Related emails were also circulating, claiming to change the color of your Facebook profile. The emails ask the user to download an attached text file document and follow the instructions in it. However, when you attempt to download the file, you will notice that it is hosted on a sharing server, and for you to download it, you will be presented with a list of surveys that are misleading, that can also grab your personal information. Upon completing the surveys, the text file will be downloaded, but as it is a scam, the file only contains irrelevant and useless content, like 'colored facebook' written many times.

There have been many such misleading Facebook scams in the past as well, luring the users with profile color changes. Therefore, Facebook users are advised not to fall for such catchy stuff and risk their account security.


Switch Facebook Profile Color Hoax

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Facebook Red Color Profile Scam
Facebook Red Color Profile Scam
Facebook Red Color Profile Scam
Facebook Red Color Profile Scam

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