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Get Free Starbucks Coffee Gift Card Scam on Facebook Get Free Starbucks Coffee Gift Card Scam on Facebook Hot

Get Free Starbucks Coffee Gift Card Scam on Facebook


Receive a FREE Starbucks Coffee Gift Card Today! 

This offer will expire Wednesday, November 16th, or when the remaining 231 gift cards have been given out! 

Step 1: You must click the share button: 
Step 2: Type, I love Starbucks coffee! into the comments below 

Tip: You may need to click "Add comment" first in order to add the comment! 

Other Versions 

1. Starbucks is currently giving away $100 gift cards.
Get FREE Starbucks Vouchers – With a value of $100
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2. Get $100 Starbucks Gift Card for FREE (Official) < Link >

3. To celebrate 40 years of Starbucks, we are giving away thousands of $100 Gift Vouchers FREE

4. World Famous Starbucks is gifting away new cards. Rush fast, Do not waste a minute. Here is < link > Starbucks Promo 2011 Theres just 454 left!!

5. Free Gift Card from Starbucks (Limited Time Only!)
Celebrate 40 Years to Starbucks, Get a $50 GIFTCARD! (limited time only)
Starbucks is celebrating 40 years and giving away $50 giftcards to all facebook users!

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax, and a Scam.


Circulating messages on Facebook, also with various pictures claim to give away Free Starbucks Coffee Gift Cards/Vouchers to whoever clicks and follows the links, shares the offer on Facebook and then adds certain comment. This is not a fact.

These messages claiming to offer free Starbucks Coffee gift cards have been circulating in various versions, through emails and Facebook posts since at least 2011. These claims come with attractive messages and pictures as if they are indeed giving away free gift cards of this world famous Starbucks Coffee. However, these offers are NOT legitimate and are not from official Starbucks. The users who clicked and followed the various links in these messages were taken to series of surveys - luring the user of getting the free gift card, which is not even there.

These are clever messages from scammers who design them only to benefit from the surveys the unsuspicious users are going to complete. In recent versions of this scam, the Facebook users are tricked into sharing the scam message and even adding a comment there - to make it look real to the network of people in their list. More interestingly, this free Starbucks Coffee gift card/voucher scam even operates through certain fraud Facebook apps, which trick you smartly into copying and pasting their scam links and pictures onto your Facebook profile. People should also note that these scam surveys can even steal their personal information that the scammers and cyber criminals can put to unfair use.

So people are advised not to fall for these hoax messages claiming to offer free Starbucks gift card or voucher. These are only meant to spam Facebook network of the user and then share the bogus surveys. This is somewhat similar to the scam in the past which said Facebook is offering Free $1000 Walmart Christmas Gift Card. Do not click or share the pictures and links in these messages, instead you can report them as scam from the Facebook post.

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Get Free Starbucks Coffee Gift Card Scam on Facebook
Get Free Starbucks Coffee Gift Card Scam on Facebook
Get Free Starbucks Coffee Gift Card Scam on Facebook
Get Free Starbucks Coffee Gift Card Scam on Facebook

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