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Nokia TMF Award Scam Nokia TMF Award Scam Hot

Nokia TMF Award Scam

Dear Winner,

We are happy to inform you that you are Nokia Award Company prize winner and you won 700,000.00 GBP (Seven Hundred thousand Great British Pounds) at this year promo. Your ticket number is NOK81124TF. Please take note of your ticket number as it will be needed for verification.

To receive your prize money as soon as possible, simply Send us the following information for verification to our email company email: nokpro12[@]

1. Your Full names:
2. Residential/Office address:
3. Phone number :
4. State:
5. Email address :
6. Occupation:
7. Ticket number:

Your prize money will be released to you as soon as you have send the above information to our office email for verification. Our email address is: nokpro12[@] phone number is +447017046602.The required information should be sent via Email only.

Bear it in mind that you won big in this promo because you are one of our valuable customers. However, if you wish to decline the receipt of your prize money, you are to notify us on time so that the opportunity will be given to another Nokia phone user.

WARNING: Because of numerous fraudulent schemes going around the internet, confidentiality should be accorded at all times. You are expected to keep the news of your winning and your ticket number to yourself until you have received your prize money. This is to avoid false claims and abuse of the program.

You can call +447017046602 if you wish to speak to someone from our office.


Andrew Cole.
Chief Financial Officer
Nokia Corporation - UK
Tel: +447017046602

Hoax or Fact:


These kind of award winning emails in various names and forms are being sent across many people. Nokia lottery is simply a hoax. Nokia does not do any kind of lottery, nor does give away large sums of money in the name of awards. Nokia TMF Award is simply a scam to attract the eager people who believe in fortune lotteries and grab their private bank details to take unfair advantage of it.

Nokia Award Company does not exist. The part of the statement " However, if you wish to decline the receipt of your prize money, you are to notify us on time so that the opportunity will be given to another Nokia phone user." clearly indicates that this story is nothing but a scam. Also, the Nokia TMF Award Logo used in the email is a fake one that was created online at

Beware of such online lottery scam emails, especially the ones asking for your personal or private details.

Nokia lottery is scam
Nokia TMF Awards Fake Logo

Editor comments

Nokia TMF Award Scam 2012-03-11 15:11:11 Siddhartha Vookoti
Commented by Siddhartha Vookoti    March 11, 2012
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@josé barreto

Dear josé barreto,

This kind of mails are scams for sure. to confirm it by your self, what you can do is to provide non sensitive information to the mail, and continue communication with them. at certain point they will ask some amount as processing fee, and that amount will be huge, but very less compared to the prize money. At this stage you confirm that it is a scam, Because they can deduct that money from prize money and give you the remaining, but they will not accept for it.

Nokia TMF Award Scam 2012-03-11 15:02:34 Siddhartha Vookoti
Commented by Siddhartha Vookoti    March 11, 2012
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Hi Lokesh, Thank you for your comments. We are very happy to hear that information is useful.


User comments

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Nokia TMF Award Scam 2012-06-08 16:46:15 okon charles edem
Commented by okon charles edem    June 08, 2012

A scam or reality?

still need further clarification from u.av been talking to a mr Richard Simonson from nokia corporation uk(+447035906979).am a bit confused as i already paid some sm money for the delivery of the parcel i was told i won.the amount paid is 350gbp(#88,000) to an a/c of one Mr benjamin ogie:a/c no;3028885879:BANK:First Bank of Nigeria Plc.the man in charge of the courier is said to be one mr Benedict Mchugh-Dispatch officer,number-(+447035952103)-the courier company is HEATHROW COURIERS LTD.I'll be expecting ur reply asap via my mail as above.thanks.

Editor's reply

Hi charles,

It is not genuine, and the people who claim to be from the Nokia and other companies are not actually from those companies.
I feel sorry that you have been cheated.

Nokia TMF Award Scam 2012-04-25 17:43:20 johnissac
Commented by johnissac    April 25, 2012

No 1 Froad

Dont believe any body.This is a wrong information.

Nokia TMF Award Scam 2012-03-09 15:19:40 josé barreto
Commented by josé barreto    March 09, 2012


I've received a comunication that I'd won a prize from NOKIA CORPORATION, in London.I'd like to know if it's true, because, in the world like this, is very difficult someone to win something without do work for that.They're asking me my address, my complete name, and so on, in order to send to me such prize and I'm afraid about it.If you could inform to me something about this subject, I'd thank you very much.

Nokia TMF Award Scam 2012-03-07 14:44:39 Lokesh
Commented by Lokesh    March 07, 2012


Hi writer.. I got this mail 2 days back and was wondering whether I have really won and should reply back with my details because I own a new Nokia Lumia 800 phone that was bought a month back.. Then I got a bit of doubt that it would be a scam or hoax.. And as I rightly anticipated, it's a scam.. Thanks for providing the information.. In future if I get any mail like this, first thing I would do is to check your site.. :)


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