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Readers Digest Sweepstakes Email - Hoax Analysis Readers Digest Sweepstakes Email - Hoax Analysis Hot

Readers Digest Sweepstakes Email - Hoax Analysis

It's Official xxxxx, You Made It!
Reader's Digest Imminent Prize Opportunity Notice
Potential Finalist To Win Rs.38,00,000 In The Third And Last Stage Of The Reader's Digest Rupees One Crore Sweepstakes.

Dear xxxxx,

An Official Access Code will be issued shortly to you that allows you to activate Four Sweepstakes Numbers held on reserve for you. If you're lucky and any your entries is drawn winner, you have sole claim to a cash amount worth Rs.38,00,000!
You may be surprised to know that not everyone in India will have this easy chance of winning loads of money, but you have - and are just clicks away from becoming a winner in our Sweepstakes!
Now it's all up to you -- make the most of your chances! Simply click for your Official Access Code and activate your 4 Sweepstakes Numbers now.

Confrim your Finalist Status Now! you'll be pleased you did!

P. Gandhi
Marketing Director, Sweepstakes Committee

P.S. When people get a chance to enter our Sweepstakes -- like the one you now have -- they often decide to discard it, thinking, “no one ever really wins. And it is a fact that if you choose to ignore your 4 Sweepstakes Numbers, you will Never Win Anything. So don't let this guaranteed chance slip away, just click for your Official Access Code, you could win up to Rs.58,00,000. Act quickly!
* Reader's Digest will send you emails from time to time, to inform you about our latest activities and promotions, because we value you as our customers. However, you may discontinue this at any time - just send an email to friends[@]rdasia[dot]co[dot]in with the subject header and we will remove you from our emailing list promptly. 

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax, and a Scam.

Reader's Digest is a world famous magazine that does offer millions of sweepstakes and prizes every year, as a part of their promotional programs relating to their various books, magazines and tapes. Online scammers and fraud companies often use Readers Digest Sweepstakes name to mislead and cheat people, the above email is one such. It is NOT from official Reader's Digest, but from a misleading scam website rdedm[dot]com, sent through an email id friends[@]emails[dot]rdasia[dot]co[dot]in.

The email claims that you will be shortly offered an official access code that will activate four Sweeptake numbers reserved for you to enter the draw and become a winner. Further the email tries to convince you about their authenticity, enticing you to click the links in the email. All the links land you onto page 1 of rdedm[dot]com, where you are asked to enter your name and email address. The next page claims that you have become eligible for a grand prize of 1 crore sweepstakes, asking you to activate the same. The following page offers you a chance to win their Special Recognition Prize Draw containing brand new cars. Once you are allotted a particular car for winning, you are then offered yet another free gift to claim. The final page will give you a summary of all possible sweepstakes and gifts you could win, all that only when you buy one of their products, typically a book or something else. During this process, they are going to grab not just your name and email address, but also your complete address and telephone contact numbers. We also believe that they will contact you further on your home address and try to mislead you with several other offers.

In short, these kind of emails take advantage of the reputation of official Readers Digest sweepstakes, and mislead you with various offers, so as to gain financial benefit, steal your contact information, or sell their products at the least. So be careful while clicking such unknown links in your emails.

How to find a Reader's Digest Sweeptake is a Scam

When you receive any such email relating to Reader's Digest sweepstakes, the first thing that you have to check is if you are a member of Readers Digest or have you entered any such official sweepstakes. Then check the email sender, if it is from official sources. Also check if the email sender is asking for your money, credit card or bank account details. If you are still not sure, it is better to contact Readers Digest directly.

If you like to find legitimate Readers Digest sweepstakes, you can visit their official website mentioned in the reference section below.

Official Readers Digest sweepstakes / prizes

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Readers Digest Sweepstakes Email - Hoax Analysis
Readers Digest Sweepstakes Email - Hoax Analysis
Readers Digest Sweepstakes Email - Hoax Analysis
Readers Digest Sweepstakes Email - Hoax Analysis
Readers Digest Sweepstakes Email - Hoax Analysis
Readers Digest Sweepstakes Email - Hoax Analysis
Readers Digest Sweepstakes Email - Hoax Analysis
Readers Digest Sweepstakes Email - Hoax Analysis

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