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WhatsApp Golden Version Leaked, Activation Invite: Scam WhatsApp Golden Version Leaked, Activation Invite: Scam Hot

WhatsApp Golden Version Leaked, Activation Invite: Scam


Hey Finally Secret Whatsapp golden version has been leaked, This version is used only by big celebrities.”Now we can use it too ,WhatsApp Gold Contains many advanced features like WhatsApp Video calling , Delete the messages you sent by mistake , Send more than 100 pics at once ,Free calling ,Change WhatsApp themes and tons of great features. This WhatsApp gold can be activated only Via Invites and I am inviting you. Once you activate this WhatsApp gold , your green icon will change to gold and you can enjoy all features 100% safely. Activate WhatsApp Gold with one click at < link >

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax and Scam.


WhatsApp users have been receiving the above message, as an invite to activate a new WhatsApp Golden Version that supposedly leaked. It is said that the premium WhatsApp Gold version has advanced features like Video calling, new emojis and more customization options, and that it was only available to big celebrities until now. The message also carries a link to activate the WhatsApp Gold and the story has been around in other languages as well. The claims, however, are not facts at all.

It's a Scam

The message as activation invite for a non-existent WhatsApp Gold version is not an official upgrade from WhatsApp; it in fact contains malicious software that can infect your mobile. Additionally, it may also allow cybercriminals to steal your personal data or track your movements and activity.

Similar WhatsApp Plus App Scam

The text in the story is similar to an earlier scam message that came as an invite for non-existent WhatsApp Version 4.0, again with claims of some 'extensive' features. More importantly, another scam in the name of WhatsApp Plus app is still affecting users, as of this writing. The WhatsApp Plus comes with claims like unlimited size pictures, videos and music sharing, and that you can use WhatsApp with more than one number. But as a matter of fact, the WhatsApp Plus app is not associated with WhatsApp and not guaranteed safe by the Company; users can be banned for downloading such fake apps onto their device.

WhatsApp asks users to be aware that their private information can be passed to 3rd parties without their knowledge or authorization. For the victims of WhatsApp Plus App scam who have been banned, the Company asks users to uninstall the application and install an authorized version of WhatsApp from their website or Google Play. They say the users will be able to use WhatsApp again after a 24 hour count down.

So there is no WhatsApp Golden version as of this writing; users should be careful not to click through the links that come with such suspicious claims.

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WhatsApp Golden Version Leaked, Activation Invite: Scam
WhatsApp Golden Version Leaked, Activation Invite: Scam

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