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Hoaxes and facts related to Science category.

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'Cyclops' Goat With Only One Eye Born in India
Story:  One-eyed mutant goat born in India baffling villagers Other Versions 1. Holy goat! India's 'miracle' CYCLOPS kid born with a rare condition defies vets as villagers flock to worship the 'sacred' one-eyed animal. 2. This Baby Goat Born With One Eye 3. 'Cyclops' goat with only one eye born in Assam
Clouds Fell on Earth From the Sky in Morocco: Video - Hoax
Story:  Clouds fell on the Earth’s surface in Morocco. This is the first time something like this has happened. Wow..!! Other Versions 1. In Morrocco, clouds fell on earth. First time happened ever. Wow..!!Watch this won’t get a proper word to describe the situation.*Amazing Act of Nature* !!! 2. Inexplicable Clouds falling from the Sky, Doukkala, Morocco
Video Showing Ice Cubes Washed Over Tiruchendur Seashore in Hot Summer: Hoax
Story: Ice cubes seen washed over Tiruchendur Seashore on 06.04.2017 Other Versions 1. Tiruchendur sea water turns into ICE bars || Must Watch || Tiruchendur || TamilNadu 2. Thiruchendoor Sea Ice Waves in Hot Summer 3. Tiruchendur sea wave As ice Amazingly secluded shore. 4. Thiruchendur sea tides became ice today. Amazing video.
Twin UFOs Witnessed & Recorded by Dozens in Vero Beach, Florida: Hoax
Story:  Incredible Footage: Twin UFOs Witnessed & Recorded By Dozens In Vero Beach, Fl (Video) Other Versions 1. Twin UFO Ships Witnessed – Vero Beach FL 2. Steven Greer CE 5 UFO Sighting Vero Beach FL February, 2015 3. Twin Ships Witnessed – Vero Beach FL – January 27, 2015
Video of Surprisingly Large Chicken Scared Viewers
Story:  This Video of Big Chicken is Terrifying Other Versions Disturbingly large chicken leaving people horrified
Reptile Breeder Creates Emoji Snake with Smiley Face Pattern on Its Back
Story:  This Emoji Snake has Smiley Face Pattern on its Back Other Versions Reptile Breeder Spends Years Creating Emoji Pattern Snake
Pig With Blue Fat Found at California Ranch: Facts
Story:  Pig with Blue Fat at California Ranch Other Versions 1. Photo of Bright Blue Pig Shot at California Ranch 2. A mysterious pig with blue fat was found 3. Blue Skinned Pig 4. Bright Blue Fat Found in Wild Pig Killed in Morgan Hill
Flamingo Eggs Have Pink Yolks: Hoax
Story:  Flamingo egg yolks are pink. Other Versions Flamingo eggs have pink yolks.
Woman Found Strangely Large Egg Under Hen, Having Another Egg Inside
Story:  Woman Found Strangely Large Egg Under Hen, Having Another Egg Inside Other Versions 1. Woman Finds an Egg Inside a Giant Egg 2. A woman opened an enormous hen's egg - and found a Second one inside
Story of Catfish Swallowing a Basketball that Gets Stuck in its Mouth: Facts
Story: Catfish Swallows a Basketball and it Gets Stuck in its Mouth Other Versions The Catfish That Ate a Basketball… True Fish Story A guy who lives at Lake Macquarie (50 miles north of Gosford near Newcastle) saw a ball bouncing around kind of strange in the lake and went to investigate. It turned out to be a flathead catfish who had obviously tried to swallow a basketball which became stuck in its mouth!! The fish was totally exhausted from...
212 results - showing 1 - 10 « 1 2 3 4 5 ... 22 »

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